Mini Resolutions – 30 Day Commitments for Year-Long Success

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

Happy New Year, everyone! This year, instead of a huge year-long hope-of-a-resolution, try an experiment with me! I am making 12 Mini Resolutions. Mini Resolutions are 30-day commitments to small changes you’ve wanted to make in your life.  I think it’s going to be a great way to be successful and implement some great shifts in how I approach my daily life! I’m super excited about it!

This time of the year brings such hope for new beginnings, doesn’t it? As a hard-working person that is generally hard on myself, I have attempted all sorts of new “programs” or ideas for how to kick off a new year.  Many times, I’ve tried to do the typical, pick one big resolution, only to see my commitment falter 4-6 weeks later. I’ve tried other things, too.

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

One year, I decided to finish all the unfinished projects in my closet (over fifty). I finished 17. Another time, I decided I wouldn’t make any new goals at all (Aren’t I acceptable just the way I am?) Though a healthy mindset, I didn’t like this approach much. The fact is, I like working towards things. Also, I like making lists. Better than that, I like accomplishing things, and then crossing things off my list. I know, it is weird, circular logic, but, the fact is, completion does give me satisfaction. And, if that completion that leads to overall improvement, even better.

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

Knowing this, I decided to take a new approach this year. Enter Mini Resolutions. I am really good at committing to something for a short period of time, so why not take advantage of it. I always have LOTS of ideas about how I can improve myself. This year, I am merging the two ideas. It will be a year of 30-day experiments!  A year to try many things that will  improve my life, my health and my overall well-being.

Now, if its only 30 days, how is it changing things? Well, once I commit to something consistently for a month, by the end, I’ll have a pretty good sense if I like it, and if I think it’s helpful. Or, it may just not work for me.  Or, I may adapt part of it. That’s the theory, at least. I hope this year brings answers, a sense of calm and better understanding of myself.  Here’s the list!

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

2017 Mini Resolutions

JANUARY – Working Out 5 Days A Week.  I know, pat January answer, but still, since I blew my hip out training for a half-marathon this fall, I haven’t been exercising at all.  This is an absolute necessity and a figured a good healthy one to kick things off.

FEBRUARYConsistent Work Plan.  As a work-from-home entrepreneur, I experience time-management challenges. Especially as one with tons and tons of ideas and plans. This month, I plan on breaking my day into two parts, and sticking to it: 8-12 work on my book, 12-5 work on my blog and everything else.

MARCHShower/Dress/Makeup 5 Days A Week.  Being a work-at-home kind of gal, sometimes I’m in work out clothes, jeans and a twice-worn t-shirt, or in rare circumstances, my pjs all day! What would my days feel like if I woke up and treated my work with the same respect I would a typical office job. How would I feel about myself and my approach towards my work if I looked like a rocking professional every day?

APRIL  – Top 3 Priority List. I’m constantly distracted by all the things I want to do. I’ve heard how helpful it is to pick 3 priority to-dos every day. The important part of this is to assess and plan your three to-dos the night before.  This month, I plan on spending 15 minutes every night getting my priorities for the next day in order!

MAY – Phone Use Only Between 2-4pm. This is a hard one, but could be so good for obvious reasons.  This provides an Instagram and social media window, but it’s limited. I’m seriously going to need a lock and key! This also means that I don’t bring it to bed with me ( I do this for audio listening insomnia purposes). I’m scared of this one!

JUNE – 15-minute Meditation Each Morning  Meditation is something I’ve been wanting to try for years. Everyone says it will do me wonders. I think it sounds pretty hard, but for 30 days, I think I could give it a whirl!

Mini Resolutions - 30 Day Commitments for Amazing Year-Long Success

JULY – Done List, Plus Gratitude. I’ve had this bouncing around in my head for a while. I am consistently disappointed by what I don’t get done in any given day. But, what if, every evening, I wrote down everything I actually DID do that day. I think I may be surprised and pleased at what I’ve accomplished. Add to that a little journaling for things I’m grateful for, and it sounds like a winning combination!

AUGUST – Making Art Every Day. This has long been a goal for me. I love illustration and drawing and I wish I were more adept at it. What better way to make a start than a drawing a day?  Practice, practice, practice!

SEPTEMBER – Building Community.  I am new to Denver and building a community has been slow going. I constantly find other things (work, kids, etc) coming first. This month, I am committing to reaching out to 3 people a week to try to make dinner, coffee, hang out plans. Seems like this would be a good way to get this community thing kick-started!

OCTOBER – No Buying Things. I want to try a month of not buying anything. No clothes, no electronics, no yarn! Sometimes, I really want to get away from the consumer culture we live in and get back to a simpler way. Don’t I have more than enough?

NOVEMBER – No Sugar. My life is always better if I’m not eating sugar. November is a perfect time to re-commit to reducing the place for sugar in my diet. I’ve learned that I can’t cut out sugar all the time, but re-committing to it for an extended period of time always helps break that sugar-cycle, which I think contributes to depression and irritability.

DECEMBER – Morning Journaling. This is another way to achieve calm and clarity that people have recommended to me. I think I managed 3 days of it at one time. 30 days sounds like a lot, but who knows what will happen if I do it consistently? And, what better thing to try during the hectic craziness of December.

What do you guys think of these mini resolutions? Can I do it? Do you have experience trying any of these? Will you join me in trying mini resolutions this year??

Whatever your thoughts on goals for the New Year, I wish you all the best for a shiny one, filled with lots of relaxing making moments. Happy 2017!




  1. Corinne

    Oh, I love this idea. 12 different challenges and all can be done and over with after 30 days but might stick around longer if they are really worth doing it. I started a 30 day yoga challenge on the 1st of January, so that can be my first challenge and there is still a lot of January left over to think about what I could do in February (I think I’d like to to plan too far ahead even though it seems very neat to have a plan for the whole year)

    • HI Corrine! Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad you love the idea of it. Yoga 30 day challenge sounds great! I agree about planning ahead. I have a feeling my list will shift around some, but at least I have a general plan! I’m so excited to attempt this. Anne

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I don’t think I could plan out the whole year like that, but looking at each month for what I need to focus on. Right now that is no sugar. I’m on day 2 and in withdrawal, had a headache all day. We’ll see what February needs.

    • Oh – going off sugar is so hard, but so good for us! Thanks so much for your note. I have a feeling my plan will change a bit as the year goes but I really want to stick with it and see what sticks with me!! xoxo

  3. Sarah

    Love this idea and crazy as it may sound, I had the same impulse just yesterday! I haven’t yet sat down to articulate all that I would like to accomplish in the coming year, but yesterday I decided that I could at least get started this month. Priorities at the moment include working on my sleep schedule so I get up earlier, meditating for 10 minutes in the morning, and at least trying to make a start on an exercise schedule (this really will be the February goal when my work schedule becomes crazy again). Thank you so much, your post is so encouraging!

    • Thanks so much Sarah! I”m so glad you thought about it too! I think we can do it! It’s so much easier to focus on one goal for a short period of time!! Let’s do it!!

  4. Kelsey

    I love this idea! It makes it easier and more attainable to reach goals. I might have to give this a try 🙂

    • Hi Kelsey! Yes!! I think I’m going to really like it! I hope you give it a whirl!

  5. What a great idea!! I’m going to try it. Thanks for developing this, Anne!!

    • Thanks Anne! I’m so glad you’ll give it a try with me!!

  6. susan

    love this concept! i too have a habit of letting things fall to the wayside after a time. can i offer a tidbit for your june month? last january i started to meditate, i am coming up on one year of meditating EVERY day. what i did to get me through that? i downloaded the app insight timer. it is fantastic. and it keeps track! i bet using it will make meditating a breeze. good luck with your year of 30s!

    • Thank you so much Susan! I so appreciate your suggestion!! I’m so impressed that you’ve been doing it every day for a year – wow! Congrats!

  7. emily

    This is great! I love that you’ve thought your 12 months out in advance. This year I also planned to break things down month-by-month but my plan is to see where I am as the month comes and what feels like it needs my attention. That may be too loose and it may not work, but I also like the idea of bite-sized chunks. Did you read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin? She broke her year into 12 months in a different way – worth a peek if you haven’t read it. Happy New Year Anne!

    • HI Emily! Yes, I’m hoping that planning it out in advance will make me more likely to stick to it. I did not read the Happiness Project, but I think I may now! I’ll take a look.
      Happy New Year to you!!

      • Emily

        I definitely recommend the book – less as a resource about how to be happier and more as a resource about how to corral one’s many areas of interest and self-improvement. If it were me, I would have called it the mindfulness project. Let me know if you find it useful! (And Gretchen Rubin has a podcast which I recommend as well!)

  8. Tricia

    Ann, this is brilliant! I love it. I have literally been too stressed and busy at work to even consider resolutions, and I assumed I’d have none this year. This idea makes each month a clean slate for accomplishing a goal, so I am going to start on Feb 1. I second the suggestion for Gretchen Rubin’s podcast–it’s short and full of great ideas for making life better and happier. I’ve not read her books, but I think I am going to buy Better than Before, which is all about creating habits. Your blog never disappoints! XOXO
    Tricia (@20catshoes)

    • Hey Tricia! Thanks so much for your comment! you’re so sweet – I’m so glad you’re up for this! I’m excited to hear what you try – so come back and let me know!! YES! to Gretchen Rubin! xoxo Anne

  9. I love this approach – I did something like it years ago, but was less specific (I picked an area to focus on every month, but had less measurable goals). The whole thing fell by the wayside at some point during the year but I still think it’s a good strategy.

    I did a “no-sugar November” last year and will absolutely do it again (probably more than once through the year). I’m not *sooper* strict, maybe 3 times I really felt the need for a chocolate or similar and went with it. But it’s a good way to break some bad food habits. I should also get back into the daily 3-task list (I call them MITs, most important tasks) – I set the list for my week every Sunday night, but every day would be better. I have small kids so it can be hard to get even one thing done!

    Btw regarding your Done List, a friend uses the term “ta-da list” – like a to-do list after the fact. Isn’t that fun?

    • I totally agree about the no-sugar thing – it just gives you pause and breaks bad habits. I like the 3-task list – I’m hoping that will help me (when I get to that month – LOL) I keep wanting to start all of them!

      Ta-Da!!!! that’s a perfect name for it! I think I’m really looking forward to that! Thanks for taking the time to write!

  10. I’m doing something similar. This month I’m painting the beach every day. I’ve found through previous months of following prompts that working within the same theme all month can really help my technique and creativity. And because the theme of the beach is so close to my heart, I’m leaving the option open to continue in February. I’m finding – and I’m sure you’re finding too – that some days are great, my final results are awesome, I learn about technique, etc. and some days are duds. But I still do it everyday because I know trying again the next day is the key to real progress. A month of doing something seems so much more doable than a whole year. Although ironically my blog and creative journey all started as a New Years resolution, which I’ve kept for 3 years!

    • Hi Eileen,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I love the idea of painting the beach everyday. I think I may want to live where you live! I agree with the whole idea that some days are easier than others or lead to better results. I really hope to see a lot of growth this year. I love also that you’ve kept your blog resolution for three years!! Awesome!!

  11. iHanna

    What a great list, I love it! I’m just like you and struggle with all of these things, so at least I will bookmark this and think about it… I’m doing yoga every day in January (I think, I doubt I’ll get it done each day but so far it’s 15 days in a row!)!

    Can I make suggestions? Try the app Insight Timer for your meditation.., I love it. I’ve used it for two years or so now, almost daily. If you meditate for 10 days in a row you get a gold star and so on. It has both a simple timer and guided meditations, and the stars is so neat to keep you going.

    For art every day, do it in November instead of August, then you’ll have a lot of company as there is the movement of Art Every Day November #aedm and that is a lot of fun! 🙂

    Just some ideas, hope you don’t mind. I wish you good luck with your goals!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts! I love the ide of a timer for my meditation. I hear three are a lot of good apps for that. Thank you! Good luck with your Yoga goal! It sounds like you will make it!! Good idea on doing the art in November. I would love to be a part of that movement!! Good luck with your goals!

  12. Such a great list of things to do this year. It reminds me of the 30 Day Commitment Planner – one 30-day challenge every month. I like these though and will have to jot them down to try them out 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment Jennifer! I appreciate it. I’ve never heard of that planner – sounds great! I’m excited to dive into my second one!

  13. Wow – love these plans and I think I’m going to adopt them for myself! I had already been thinking about a split in my day for book/then blog/creative and for most of last year I kept a gratitude journal (a jewelled journal from Paperchase) and on one side I wrote everything I was grateful for and everything I had achieved – felt good! Good luck 🙂

  14. Sandy

    I love this idea and will jump on the band wagon with you! First thing is to sort out my mini resolutions. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Welcome Sandy! I’m so glad to hear from you! Good luck laying out your plan!

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