Coming Up Roses Free Knit Pattern – a finish fifty project

Things are Coming Up Roses over here. Truly! I am astounded by all the flowering trees here in Baltimore this Spring. So, finally coming out with this little rose pattern seemed even more apropos. Yes, the pattern has been done since September, but I wanted it edited and checked for you all.Make these roses in a jiffy. They are simply perfect for a bright, sunny Mother’s Day gift. Add them to place cards or a parting gift to liven up a May Day party. Attach them to a bobby pin or barrette to adorn your braids. Or yes, add them to these to make your flats say Hello! Do you all remember this shoe makeover I did for Allie?

I often see crochet rose patterns, but not as many knit ones. Well, problem solved! You can download the pattern here on Ravelry or see it in a google pdf viewer here. And, YAY!, another project knocked off the finish fifty list.

Happy Spring Flowers!  Here are a few I’ve caught from my neck of the woods.

  1. Lorrie

    Such sweet roses.

  2. Anne – another gorgeous project. Many thanks for sharing your amazing talent. I’m thinking a FOE headband with a sweet rose for a little someone I know. Also, thanks for the photos. The magnolias are glorious and truly a sight for sore eyes. I took my children sledding yesterday. Sigh.

  3. Camille

    These rosettes are ADORABLE! Perfect for spring!

  4. So cute! I am so drawn to flowers lately. Spring is in the air!

  5. Tereza

    so adorable, and I love your blossom photos!

  6. Suzy

    Question about row 5: is there supposed to be a k2tog on that road? I am thinking not, but I wanted to check. They look great! Thanks.

    • anne

      ack! there is not! I just finished updating/fixing the pattern in the Google reader and in Ravelry. Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. I’m glad you’re loving them!

  7. Anonymous

    Hi there! I am a beginner with knitting, been knitting for years but have never learned anything more than the basics. On row 5 I am very confused as to what I am supposed to be doing. I have cast on the additional stitches after binding off down to one stitch and I am unsure what it means to pick up the 1st stitch through the first yarn forward hole. Do I start knitting into the work with all of the stitches? Please try and clarify!

    • anne

      HI! Here is a description of Row 5. If this doesn’t clarify things, email me at flaxandtwine (at) gmail (dot) com.

      Row 5: Turn work, (co 4 sts, pick up 1 st through
      yf hole) 4 times, (co 5 sts, pick up 1 st through yf hole) 6 times, (co 6, pick up 1 st through yf hole) 4 times, (co 7, pick up 1 st through yf hole) 3 times.

      What you want to do is keep the yarn attached from the prior row. Turn the piece. You want to cast on 4 stitches and then pull the yarn through the yarn forward hole you made in the prior row. (This basically attaches the cast on stitches back to the piece in a “Petal.” You do this by putting the needle through the hole as if it were a stitch, wrapping it around the needle, and bringing the yarn through). Do this four times. Next cast on 5 stitches and bring the yarn through the yarn forward hole six times and so on.

  8. Kim Reilly

    Thanks for the explanation. It clarifies things, somewhat, but I won’t really know until I take to the needles! A video of this process would be most helpful…..I’m more of a visual learner.

    • Hi Kim! Good luck! I’ll add it to my list of videos! Someday!!
      xo anne

  9. Kathy Stevenson

    I am still a confused about Row 5. What will the end product be? Am I going down the previous row where the yf’s are and using them up? Or am I pulling the yarn thru the same yf. thanks so much for your halp

    • Kathy, basically you are going back down the length of the rose (it will be a long strand of knitting with bumps for the petals) You are casting on stitches and then linking your new cast on row back to the old set of stitches by picking up a new stitch through the yf hole. For every yf hole you reattach to, you are making a new petal. I vary the number of cast on stitches so that your petals will be varied in size. At the end you will have a long rectangle that you will then twirl into the rose piece. Does this help?

  10. Liz Poole

    Thanks for the additional info on row 5!!!!

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