Fall Musings


Happy Fall everyone! It’s really hard for me to believe that we are well in to October. I keep thinking that with my book finally turned in, I’ll have tons of time to get back to blogging, but it feels like I’ve been busier than ever. It kind of feels like that gym thing, where READ MORE

fall wreaths

Fall Wreaths – To DIY or Buy

Fall wreaths? Yes! Those dead begonias in my front gate planter are hitting the garbage heap this weekend. My family is returning to the back-to-school rhythm and loving the fall swing of things. All of a sudden, turning leaves, football Sundays, pots of soup, mugs of hot chocolate and impending Halloween insanity is upon us. READ MORE

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Teaching at Create Explore Discover 2014

As the cold weather starts to arrive, I’m thrilled to think about getting cozy in some lofty, lush arm knit cowls. Or, I’m loving the idea of  just hunkering down and making some beautiful things in front of a fire.  Would you like to get away on a fabulously relaxing retreat to learn how to READ MORE

breathe deeply

Just Breathe

I recently came across this photo of Allie from last spring.  I just had to pause . . . something in her face here to me is the essence of letting it all go and just being.  There is not one ounce of worry or thinking across that beautiful face of hers.  Just being.  I READ MORE

locker decor-2681

DIY Locker Decorations: Dry Erase Board + Pencil Cup

I love dry erase boards. I adore the smoothness with which those markers glide across the surface. But, let’s face it, most whiteboards tend to be pretty ugly. Why not dress it up for your DIY locker decorations this year with a beautiful colored version? Turns out you can write on glass with those markers READ MORE