DIY Butterfly Photo Backdrop

photo backdrop

Here is the  first project and the original idea from my Mother’s Day Brunch post. First things first, for a beautiful party, nothing sets the stage better than a gorgeous backdrop. Butterflies for spring, yes please! Using this adorable Martha Stewart double butterfly punch, I made solid butterflies and lacy ones and layered them up.  READ MORE


Flights of Fancy Mother’s Day Brunch

I’ve always been one to let a project get away from me. This “little” Mother’s Day brunch started with the idea that I would make a cute butterfly backdrop and invite my friends over to photograph them and their loved ones in front of it on Mother’s Day. Easy, right? From there, it kind of READ MORE


Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs DIY

I was going to let this Easter go by without my own Easter Egg design. There’s so much pattern writing to do! But, I got this little floral wreath crown idea in my head and, well, you know. Sometimes, I think making a new project is a little bit like opening up a big bar READ MORE


Caught My Eye: Favorite Easter Egg DIYs

I have Easter Eggs on my mind lately. Decoupaged pansies, yes please. After those sweet concoctions from earlier this week, I wanted to share some of my favorite Easter Egg decorating ideas. I am delighted by this adorable Easter flower arrangement from Kevin Sharkey. I adore Lilies of the Valley!   Leave it to Studio DIY READ MORE


Vintage Sugar Eggs DIY

Photograph by Gentl and Hyers for Martha Stewart I feel like the blog-o-sphere gets more and more full with fabulous egg ideas every year!  It’s fun to try something different than your traditional dyed egg, though. I am so excited to share this full tutorial from Martha Stewart with you. These sugar eggs are such READ MORE