Chocolate Chip Cookie Coffee Smoothie and Ice Pops

DIY Chocolate Chip Cookie Coffee Smoothy

I just got back from a tropical trip to Costa Rica with six of my dearest and oldest girlfriends and their burgeoning young families. These are the kind of friends you see after months of not talking to each other and you zing right back to where you left off. Do you have some of READ MORE

DIY Paper Flower Wall

DIY Paper Flower Wall

Squee! I’m in love with this DIY Paper Flower Wall! It’s not your typical version but I think is pretty bomb-diggety! These flowers are stenciled, sewn, stuffed and hung to make me, and you, super happy! The second I saw the stencils in my #12MonthsofMartha box, this idea bloomed in my head.  The stuffed flowers READ MORE

DIY succulent centerpiece-8884

DIY Succulent Centerpiece

Summer is in full swing here.  The air is so warm and soft and humid.  Are you sinking your toes into sand, drinking up the sunlight, heading to lovely summer evening parties?  Or better yet, do you plan to throw one? If so, give this easy, gorgeous DIY succulent centerpiece with hydrangea blossoms a whirl. READ MORE

Common Knitting Mistakes-0415

Fixing Common Knitting Mistakes

You’re a new knitter! Congratulations and welcome to a life long joy! Now, tell me the truth: Do you live in fear of being away from the person who taught you? Are you terrified that you will do something “wrong” and be stuck? Do you avoid looking at your knitting in case you find a READ MORE

Uses for baking soda-8199

Relaxing Morning Routine + DIY Travel Mug

As you all know, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is essential in my life.  I’m trying to cut back on the busy work and focus on enjoying my days, with my children and with my work, in a more present way. A big part of that has been developing a relaxing morning routine. READ MORE