Making Thanksgiving Guests Feel Welcome

embroidered project bag-4243

I’ve been thinking a lot about making Thankgsiving guests feel welcome this year as we have a whole crew descending on the house tomorrow. I have to admit I’m not always the most prepared and generous host. I tend to barely finish my work before guests arrive and plan most things on the fly. Not READ MORE


Caught My Eye: 11.19.14

I’m not usually one to get caught up in the early Christmas hubub so soon in November. But, as I perused Pinterest the other day, I found that I couldn’t help but get excited about snow and giving and the holidays with these beautiful images in front of me. Clockwise: Snowflake Garland by Vit Jul, READ MORE

fall update-3045


How does the time pass so quickly!? In November, the days are short but the sun is bright. That light seems all the more precious because of its daily scarcity. I love Fall days. They are my favorite, but they seem to fly by so fast! I thought when I turned in my manuscript the READ MORE

Glitter Butternut Squash Decoration

Halloween Ghost Decorations, Butternut Squash, Of Course!

Last but not least for my butternut squash extravaganza, go glam with these Halloween ghost decorations. Yes, there’s still time tomorrow! Grab a butternut squash and some glitter and go to town! I couldn’t resist these pretty pastels. Who says ghosts need to be white? I mean look at this lilac glamour girl, isn’t she READ MORE

butternut squash-3677

DIY Butternut Squash Decorations

Here is idea two for my DIY butternut squash decorations. This is a little riff on my Crowned Easter Eggs from last year. I intended this for Halloween, but truly, these beauts ended up looking a lot more Thangsgiving-y! See how far out ahead I’m planning? Their sweet faces bring my joy.  I find them very READ MORE