Book Deadline Looming


Well, hello there.  I just wanted to pop in to say hi as my book deadline looms ahead.  I’m still buried, but I’m close to done. All the step-by-step photos and most of the beauty shots are complete.  YAY – see confetti!! Of course, I can’t share any of the book photos with you . READ MORE

anne weil-42

Sending Kids To Camp and Kidecals Label Discount

Sending the kids to camp! eep! It’s hard for me to believe it, but I just sent every one of these beautiful people away for three weeks. Yes, that includes my dear hubby who is off to Ravens Training Camp for 16 hour days. I am at a loss. It has been four days and READ MORE

Stencil necklace-1710

Wood Pendant Necklace DIY

Get your summer kicked off with a bright splash by making  and donning one of these fabulous wood pendant necklaces. I received these  wooden craft tags in the mail the other day. They were just begging to be made into jewelry.  I love the image of these beautiful wood pendant necklaces swinging from a gold READ MORE

DIY Doll Party-1571

A Doll DIY Party

In this lovely, hand made, web world of party DIYs, why not pull together a Doll DIY Party!? The other day, Allie brought me out of my knitting book insanity with a craft book in hand asking, “Can we make this doll?” My first reaction was “Is she nuts?? I absolutely have no time to READ MORE

kallax beauty-2-2

Kallax IKEA Hack in Neon Yellow by Panyl

For all you sad IKEA hacksters who are desolate about the Expedit (above) retiring, never fear, IKEA has a replacement that can be hacked up just as fabulously. Expedit-ers will be happy to know that the new Kallax will maintain the same internal dimensions. The major difference is that the wood that makes up the READ MORE