Crochet Pumpkin Cover Pattern and Tutorial

crochet pumpkin tutorial

Yes, it’s a crochet pumpkin cover! I received this Funkin the other day as part of the #12MonthsOfMartha program. It’s been sitting in my living room whispering “What will you do with me?” all week.  I have to say, I feel like I may have seen just about every possible pumpkin decorating idea there could READ MORE

bee hive costume how to

Halloween Beehive Costume DIY

Could this DIY Beehive Costume be any cuter? This costume will definitely create a buzz as an adorable, bustling hive of bees. Silk flowers, twigs, and of course, bees, all find a sweet home atop a nest of hair made longer with twisted yarn. I love all this yarn-y and flower goodness! I’m starting to READ MORE

chunky knit floor pouf

The Great American Pouf Tour, Week 1

Well, the Great American Pouf Tour is off to a wild and wooly start! I couldn’t be more excited about seeing these poufs travel the country and land in such fabulous spots. I’m going to be posting a little summary for each week of the pouf tour so I can share these amazing pouf tour READ MORE

pouf and stool-2

Knitting Without Needles: The Great American Pouf Tour

I can’t tell you how thrilling it has been for me watch word of Knitting Without Needles start to spread, and the fun has just begun! Now is the time to tell you about a very exciting tour I have put together for the book.  I am honored and humbled by the people who have READ MORE

Baby Booties «« Finger Knitting Pattern from Knitting Without Needles by Anne Weil

Five Fave Finger Knitting Projects from Knitting Without Needles

Two days until pub date! Before that is upon us, I wanted to share my five fave finger knitting projects from Knitting Without Needles. Arm knitting projects bring the drama, but it’s the finger knitting projects that I’m most excited about. The book includes huge innovations in finger knitting (I know that sounds like an READ MORE