Floral Wreath Crowned Easter Eggs DIY

I was going to let this Easter go by without my own Easter Egg design. There’s so much pattern writing to do! But, I got this little floral wreath crown idea in my head and, well, you know. Sometimes, I think making a new project is a little bit like opening up a big bar of chocolate . . .there is such immediate joy and sweetness in experiencing a small idea’s journey into something real. This little project was a welcome diversion from a huge mountain of work. And, really, didn’t these little gals just have to come to life?  I think so! READ MORE

Caught My Eye: Favorite Easter Egg DIYs

I have Easter Eggs on my mind lately. Decoupaged pansies, yes please. After those sweet concoctions from earlier this week, I wanted to share some of my favorite Easter Egg decorating ideas. I am delighted by this adorable Easter flower arrangement from Kevin Sharkey. I adore Lilies of the Valley!   Leave it to Studio DIY READ MORE


Vintage Sugar Eggs DIY

Photograph by Gentl and Hyers for Martha Stewart I feel like the blog-o-sphere gets more and more full with fabulous egg ideas every year!  It’s fun to try something different than your traditional dyed egg, though. I am so excited to share this full tutorial from Martha Stewart with you. These sugar eggs are such READ MORE


DIY Terrarium + A Sweet Plant’s Little Story

From the age of 3 to 8, Charlie, my oldest, attended a warm and loving Montessori School. After three years in the same classroom, Charlie “graduated” third grade. His favorite teacher gave him a plant to celebrate. The plant was his to care for. It was to remind him of all his amazing growth in READ MORE


Caught My Eye: Anthropologie White

I came across these gorgeous white beauties the other day and they caught my eye! Do you dress in a certain color palette?  I’ve always been a blue-green and occasionally pink sort of gal.  Then, I started noticing that, in design and things I make, I always gravitate towards a certain color palette. I love READ MORE