Head Over Heels: Idle Hands Awake for Modern DIY Projects

I’m so excited to bring back one of my favorite series on the the blog where I share the latest artists, makers, trends and products I’m Head Over Heels for.  Today, I wanted to share a fabulous DIY blogger whose photography and projects almost always make me think “oooh! I want to make that.”  Marlene, creator of READ MORE

Friday Flowers: Project Outakes + Weekend Adventures

Sheesh! Has a whole week flown by?  I clearly don’t have a firm editorial calendar.  I don’t exactly post weeks in advance, but every week, I’m busy, busy. Lately, I’ve been busy good. I’ve been working on a huge new development for the book, which has me in a runaround tail spin! But, just wait READ MORE

Friday Flowers: Grocery Store Arrangement, Roses

There have been such gorgeous flowers at the grocery store lately.  I love to buy three or four small $4 bouquets and turn them into something beautiful.  I know flowers don’t do it for some folks, but they make me so happy. The color, the texture, the shapes–I love them. The joy that I get READ MORE

Friday Flowers

1// Alice Gao Sandy has never been one to bring me flowers, even when I gently suggest, even when I violently prod him. Birthdays, no. Anniversaries, no. Valentines, sigh . . . no.  So, I’ve kind of given up hope. I buy myself flowers, because I love them, regardless of the fact that I have READ MORE

Cozy Linen Coasters – A Quick Knit Gift

I’m in love with these picot, lace-edged, linen coasters. What a sweet and lovely handmade way to start your morning. I’m convinced the coasters themselves put me in a good mood for the day! They also make for simple, elegant and inexpensive hostess gifts. You can knit these coasters up in a jiffy with this READ MORE

Quick Cozy Knit Gifts

I’m so excited to announce a new series! Over the next week, I’m going to share three new knit patterns and an arm knitting tutorial to get your gift juices flowing.  All of these knits are make-able in one to four hours – super fast, super festive, super cute!  Between the cowl, the mittens, the READ MORE

Caught My Eye . . . 11/11/13

1) Starry Night Bunny Rabbit Pillow  2) Etoile Velvet Ribbon from Anthropologie 3) Photo styling for Apple Gratin from Pratos-e-Travessas   4) DIY Ribbon Bow Necklace from Oh The Lovely ThingsYummy, yummy, yummy blues.  I am so enamored with that bunny, I don’t know what to say. The Anthropolgie ribbon is simply scrumptious. Please, go check out Pratos-e-Travessas for the most READ MORE

Laar Sweater: A finish fifty project

Oh boy – can I blame this beauty for holding me up from progressing through my Finish Fifty projects? Maybe a little. Knitting this sweater certainly took some time, but it was worth it. First and foremost, because this honestly is only the second sweater I’ve knit for myself since I was 7!  This quickie READ MORE

Coming Up Roses Free Knit Pattern – a finish fifty project

Things are Coming Up Roses over here. Truly! I am astounded by all the flowering trees here in Baltimore this Spring. So, finally coming out with this little rose pattern seemed even more apropos. Yes, the pattern has been done since September, but I wanted it edited and checked for you all.Make these roses in READ MORE

Six Steps to a Powder Room Makeover–a finish fifty project

Well, after my mom got me on a roll getting my house more livable  I figured I better not stop. Since she left, I have continued to work on the house, “making” our home. For the last two weeks now, I have completely halted all hand work, craft, knitting and the like. I’m getting a smidge READ MORE

Easy Accordion Book – a finish fifty project

I’ve wanted to make an accordion book like this for over two years. The book definitely had a prime spot on my  Finish Fifty list. I fell in love with the art of book-making after winning a gorgeous Japanese book on A Little Hut (Thanks Patricia!). Well, add book-making to the list of skills I’d READ MORE

DIY Photo Light Box – a finish fifty project

Did you ever wonder how people get those beautiful endless finishes in their photos? White and bright shots of their products?  This is how (or, at least it is an inexpensive diy substitute). By taking photos inside a box that diffuses natural light from all sides, you can remove shadows and give a white, magazine-like READ MORE

DIY Tasseled Love Pillow – a finish fifty project

Making this pillow has been on my finish fifty project list since last year when I first started brainstorming fun finger knit projects. The long finger knit chain just asks to be turned into letters.  For some reason, I never got around to executing on it–I guess it was just waiting in my notebook for READ MORE

A Finger-Knit Ghost Garland – DIY tutorial

I’m so excited to be presenting a new tutorial for you. I’ve had to squeeze it in between lots of crazy work/house stuff, but it’s done. And, I think its pretty cute! It is a collection of sweet black ghosts on a decorative strand of finger-knitting. A ghost garland–yes. And, no, I haven’t gotten sick of READ MORE

DIY Gold Ring Necklace – a year of handmade gift

I recently went to Miami Beach – woo hoo! to celebrate my 40th birthday (which isn’t until September, by the by) with nine of my wonderful, smart, talented and beautiful college girlfriends. We had a blast!  What is it about the friends you made when you were 18 that makes them the best of friends? READ MORE

A Yellow Jeweled Bracelet – a year of handmade gift

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend. We had a ball over here, starting with a latte brought to me in bed! Along with it came piles of handmade presents–my favorite!  They followed that with a beautiful hike, plus time for me to make in the afternoon. We capped the day off READ MORE

A Tweed Pouf Ottoman – an Easy Chunky Knit

Yippee! It’s time for another chunky knit.  When I started teaching knitting locally at Common Threads, I wanted to pick a project that would really catch the eye, but was easy enough for beginners. I thought a knitted pouf was perfect. I found a free pattern for a pouf on Pickles, a beautiful Norwegian yarn READ MORE

New Series: Sew, You’ve Always Wanted To Quilt . . .

I’ve always admired quilts.  They can be absolutely stunning– the colors, the prints, the actual quilting stitches themselves.  The richness of quilts, their many layers, always engage and enthrall me.  The beauties above are from Kathreen Ricketson’s (Whipup.net) gorgeous book Little Bits Quilting Bee.  In my own personal crafting however, I’ve always believed, or feared, rather, that quilts READ MORE