How To Block a Sweater with Eucalan Delicate Wash

I’ve been through a little bit more than I expected over the last month. First, an upper respiratory infection and then, throwing my back out have had me down for the count.  I’ve been flat on my back on the couch. It has been frustrating. One bright side, however, was getting all the knitting done on READ MORE

Rocky Mountain Photo Locations for Weaving Within Reach

I’m so excited to provide some sneak peeks of my recent book shoot by sharing the Rocky Mountain photo locations I chose for it. I find it incredibly difficult to find locations in which I can shoot that match my style without totally breaking the bank. For my new book, Weaving Within Reach (due out READ MORE

Mid-Make and Other Introspective Thoughts

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy, busy, busy over here brainstorming and making up a storm. One of the projects I’m working on involves this awesome chunky tinsel glitter. This just hollers “party!” to me, don’t you think? Life is funny sometimes. Just when I said I’m going to take the pressure off this blog and READ MORE

Mid Make: Baby Tees and News To Please

I haven’t been completely idle this summer.  I’ve gotten a lot of knitting done that I’m excited to share with you. I’m mid-design with little baby tee I’m working on for my friend who’s about to have twins (don’t look, Amanda!).  I had some extra Jill Draper Aurora leftover from my Gudrun Johnston Shetland Trader READ MORE

Mid Make: Crochet Edged Pillowcases

I’ve been working all hours of the night on these puppies. Handmade pillowcases with a hand crocheted edging–perfection in my book. I created these for a class I’ll be teaching this fall (keep your eyes open!), but the tute and pattern will be coming too, so never you fear! I adore the delicate nature of READ MORE

Mid-Make: Something New

I went to the store yesterday to get yarn for some finger-knitting kits and I came out with new yarn and fabric. Bought stuff for a new project?  Really?  Yes, yes I did.  Look how nice this knit and fabric look together, though.  Can you blame me? I won’t guarantee you that I’ll wrap this READ MORE

Mid Make: Our Home

After the frustrating depression I had over my reality at the end of last week, I feel so lucky to have had a visit from my mom to jolt me out of my funk. First, it was heavenly to just get away from it all.  I did leave the computer at home! The eastern shore READ MORE

Mid-Make: Snow Day 03.25.13

Well, all I’m making around here today is a lot of fun for an unexpected snow day.  Though my first reaction to a snow day is always a groan–so much for my to-do list.  In reality, it is a good reminder to throw your hands up in the air, put it all aside, get rosy READ MORE

Mid Make: Project Bags

I’m feeling the crunch of post-vacation. Why does vacation always seem to create more stress, or at the very least, an extremely long to-do list?  There’s something messed up about that.  But, I did have a wonderful time–lots of fun moments, deep breaths, crisp air and cold snow. I’m going to hold on to that READ MORE

Mid-Make and Utah Adventures

I’m on Spring Break with my kids this week and I’m taking it as an opportunity to do some stitching.  I love embroidery but somehow don’t tend to choose it when I’m at home – too much knitting to do, maybe? In any case, I love embroidery, there is nothing more peaceful and soothing. I’m READ MORE

Mid Make 03.04.13

Can anyone guess what I’m working on making? I am antsy to finish up and show you a tutorial for this lovely shortcut later this week. I discovered this little trick working on a project for a Discovery Girls feature, which includes a renovation of Allie’s room. I’m so excited to show you more of READ MORE

Mid-Make 2.25.2013

Today, I am working with these materials. I was planning on doing an upcoming hoop earring DIY in neon pink and black (that was what was on my list, anyway), but somehow when I went to my tub of embroidery thread to pick out colors, this is what came up. I love these colors together. READ MORE

Mid-Make: Laar Sweater

Lately, I’ve been keeping myself busy knitting a sweater. It is Laar by Gudrun Johnston–a pattern out of The Shetland Trader.  I’m using some gorgeous Jill Draper Aurora yarn in Paprika.  Pretty, pretty. This sweater has been in my project list for over two and a half years. It landed there after meeting Gudrun at Squam in 2011. I knew it would READ MORE