Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Photo credit: @midcenturymen Our new house on Elm Street is very modern. Coming from a house built in 1900, this is a big change. A change that I love. We are on the hunt for the best modern sofas to fit our new space because we definitely need an update in style. I have been READ MORE

Get Excited, I’m Writing My Second Book!

Yay! I’m so excited to announce that I have just signed the contract and will be writing my second book with Potter Craft (Penguin Random House).  I feel honored that they have entrusted another collection of beautiful craft works to my hands. My mind spins with all the possibilities! Can you tell from the photos what I READ MORE

Twelve Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Have you been on the hunt for simple summer knitting pattners? Look no farther! This week my family and I travel to Europe for two weeks with stops in Iceland, Paris and Bruges. Right now, you can find us bouncing up and down with excitement over here! Its been over 14 years since I traveled in Europe, and the thought READ MORE

Rick Rack Ribbing How to

Rick Rack Ribbing How To

I love these two versions of Rick Rack Ribbing, otherwise known as Zig Zag Ribbing. Not only is it fun to say (c’mon, try saying it 10 times . . . “rick rack ribbing, rick rack ribbing. . . “) Am I right? This stitch pattern is also fun to look at. Rick Rack Ribbing READ MORE

Life on Elm Street – Getting Situated

Whew! I’m totally crazy getting situated in my new home on Elm Street. I thought the end of the school year was nuts. I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I’d be moving to a new house the first week after school let out.  I must blank out the pain of all those boxes every READ MORE

10 Best Modern Counter Stools

10 Best Modern Counter Stools – Life on Elm St

Last month, I wrote about our new home on Elm Street. Our move-in date is this Friday, and amidst the thousands of things that need to get done, I’m thinking that having modern counter stools in place at the kitchen island should rank somewhere near the top of the list. The kitchen and the island are the heart of READ MORE

Six Swoon-Worthy Modern Quilts

I love modern quilts and have since I was a little girl. I especially love quilts with a lot of white space – not surprising! Though I covet them, I have never gotten around to making one myself. It’s on the list, though! I’ve been seeing so many stunning modern quilts lately that I wanted to share READ MORE

Martina Cardigan + We Are Knitters Giveaway

I just finished making this gorgeous Martina Cardigan from We Are Knitters. What fun it was to knit this kit! First, I rarely knit for myself. It feels like such an indulgence these days. Second, who doesn’t want to get everything they need for a project delivered right to their door? Well, here’s your chance READ MORE

Pretty in Pink Paintings

Do you ever have those times where all your interests seem to flow a certain color way? It seems to me I’m in a pink sort of mood, like these pink paintings. My pins are trending pink and my material selections are trending pink. I usually notice these trends in my art pins first. These READ MORE

Slip Stitch Knitting Pattern How To: Trellis Double Slip Stitch

The Trellis Double Slip Stitch is a slip stitch knitting pattern that adds a lovely, subtle texture to a knit fabric. You can learn how to knit it in a jiffy! Imagine this Trellis Double Slip Stitch knit in place of stockinette for a crew neck or cardigan – adorable! Adding simple slip stitch knitting READ MORE

Believe in Bountiful

Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe how fast the years are rolling by. This time of year comes around and I am a bit stupefied. My brain overflows with all the things I want to resolve to do in the coming year. I am awash with feelings that I wish I had done better the READ MORE

How to knit the Diagonal Scallop Stitch Pattern

Knitting Stitch How To: Lacy Diagonal Scallop Stitch

Let’s learn how to knit the Lacy Diagonal Scallop Stitch pattern! I love playing with different stitches in knitting.  I have an entire series of fun new knit stitches to share with you, like the linen stitch from last week.  I especially love how slipped stitches and passed over stitches add a fabulous texture to READ MORE

chunky knit pouf how to

The Great American Pouf Tour – Week 2

We’re in to week two of The Great American Pouf Tour – have you been following along? It’s so exciting to see these poufs show up in some of my favorite bloggers homes.  I feel like there is a little piece of me with all of them. The buzz around Knitting Without Needles continues to READ MORE

bee hive costume how to

Halloween Beehive Costume DIY

Could this DIY Beehive Costume be any cuter? This costume will definitely create a buzz as an adorable, bustling hive of bees. Silk flowers, twigs, and of course, bees, all find a sweet home atop a nest of hair made longer with twisted yarn. I love all this yarn-y and flower goodness! I’m starting to READ MORE

Knitting Without Needles: The Great American Pouf Tour

I can’t tell you how thrilling it has been for me watch word of Knitting Without Needles start to spread, and the fun has just begun! Now is the time to tell you about a very exciting tour I have put together for the book.  I am honored and humbled by the people who have READ MORE

Baby Booties «« Finger Knitting Pattern from Knitting Without Needles by Anne Weil

Five Fave Finger Knitting Projects from Knitting Without Needles

Two days until pub date! Before that is upon us, I wanted to share my five fave finger knitting projects from Knitting Without Needles. Arm knitting projects bring the drama, but it’s the finger knitting projects that I’m most excited about. The book includes huge innovations in finger knitting (I know that sounds like an READ MORE

Faux Sheepskin | Arm Knitting Pattern from Knitting Without Needles by Anne Weil

Five Fave Arm Knitting Patterns from Knitting Without Needles

Hello! I’m eagerly waiting my publication date for Knitting Without Needles, which is only 5 days away now! I thought that in honor of that, I would share my five favorite arm knitting patterns from the book. Did you know that there are 30 patterns and projects in this book? Yes, 30!! First, that made READ MORE

10 Things I Learned During My Time In Baltimore

What a summer this has been! I keep meaning to pop in here with a personal post to let you know more about what’s been going on. It has been an insanely busy summer because we just found out in June that we’re moving back to Colorado! As in, this coming weekend, we’ll all be READ MORE

Fixing Common Knitting Mistakes

You’re a new knitter! Congratulations and welcome to a life long joy! Now, tell me the truth: Do you live in fear of being away from the person who taught you? Are you terrified that you will do something “wrong” and be stuck? Do you avoid looking at your knitting in case you find a READ MORE

This Week: Seeking the Essential

Spring is in full bloom around here. Lots of gorgeous cherry blossoms everywhere (and tulips and daffodils, of course)! I’ve never been a big spring cleaner, but honestly this weekend I’ve been diving in despite the gorgeous weather outside. This weekend is all about shedding. My goal is to declutter both physically and mentally. I’m READ MORE

Caught My Eye: Original Oil Paintings under $300

I’ve had this spot in my house that is just begging for a beautiful painting, an original oil painting, not a print.  Don’t get me wrong, I love prints and my house is full of prints from artists whose work I love.  But I’m getting to the point where I just crave the real thing, READ MORE

DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hats

I’m so excited about these quick little DIY Easter Eggs.  Eggs are just so cute with little faces on.  Last year, I gave the darlings little floral crowns. This year, I thought they needed some party hats!  And, of course, they need a DIY floral backdrop, like any good, blog-crazy, diy-doing eggs. I have to READ MORE

Book Binding Tutorial with Embroidered Cover

I love embroidering into paper. It is simple, yet it transforms a plain piece of paperboard into something strikingly lovely. Apparently, I got bitten by a gold four-leaf clover bug this year. Did you see this gold garland from earlier this week? I began these little books with a hand drawn design, which I filled READ MORE

St Patricks Day Gold Leather Four Leaf Clover Garland DIY

Gold Leather Four Leaf Clover Garland DIY

This little idea of a gold four leaf clover garland came to me in a whirl, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  I was so excited to make it happen. I love four leaf clovers! Anything that gives you luck or the promise of  a really good day seems a beautiful thing to me. READ MORE