Holiday wreath DIY

Mini Holiday Wreath DIY

I saw bunches of Bittersweet Vine the other day at Whole Foods. I was immediately smitten and knew they would make for a beautiful Holiday Wreath DIY.  I’ve never worked with Bittersweet Vine before, but the mixture of yellow and red amidst the falling leaves as we lean in towards the holidays brightened my post-Halloween READ MORE

Relaxing Morning Routine + DIY Travel Mug

As you all know, I’ve been thinking a lot about what is essential in my life.  I’m trying to cut back on the busy work and focus on enjoying my days, with my children and with my work, in a more present way. A big part of that has been developing a relaxing morning routine. READ MORE

plant cuttings how to and care

Plant Cuttings In Water – Care and How To

Does this very white winter have you needing some green and color in your life?  Look no farther for the easiest way to bring beautiful, modern, yet vintage plant charm to your space with absolutely no effort. By adding plant cuttings to water, there’s no need to muss with dirt or remember watering.  Not needing READ MORE

DIY Air Plant Holiday Gift

Holiday DIY Air Plant Gifts

   Inexpensive, easy and beautiful, what could be better? These fabulous Holiday DIY Air Plant arrangements are perfect to give to all your favorite people this year. I recently teamed up the fabulous Liz Vayda of b.willow from Baltimore to create five unique air plant arrangements for holiday gift giving.  Using inexpensive glassware from garage READ MORE

Friday Flowers: Project Outakes + Weekend Adventures

Sheesh! Has a whole week flown by?  I clearly don’t have a firm editorial calendar.  I don’t exactly post weeks in advance, but every week, I’m busy, busy. Lately, I’ve been busy good. I’ve been working on a huge new development for the book, which has me in a runaround tail spin! But, just wait READ MORE

Friday Flowers: Grocery Store Arrangement, Roses

There have been such gorgeous flowers at the grocery store lately.  I love to buy three or four small $4 bouquets and turn them into something beautiful.  I know flowers don’t do it for some folks, but they make me so happy. The color, the texture, the shapes–I love them. The joy that I get READ MORE

Friday Flowers

1// Alice Gao Sandy has never been one to bring me flowers, even when I gently suggest, even when I violently prod him. Birthdays, no. Anniversaries, no. Valentines, sigh . . . no.  So, I’ve kind of given up hope. I buy myself flowers, because I love them, regardless of the fact that I have READ MORE