Modern Living Room Update – Life on Elm St

This blog post has been created in partnership with Article. All opinions are entirely my own. We finally got our modern living room update underway! I couldn’t be happier with how it’s shaping up.  We have moved a bunch of times in the last five years, from Boulder, CO to Baltimore, from Baltimore to a rental READ MORE

Only the Best Modern Sofas and Couches

Photo credit: @midcenturymen Our new house on Elm Street is very modern. Coming from a house built in 1900, this is a big change. A change that I love. We are on the hunt for the best modern sofas to fit our new space because we definitely need an update in style. I have been READ MORE

Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

I don’t know about you but I’m excited that it’s hat weather, and I’ve rounded up the best knit hat patterns I could find, just for you! I love knitting hats because they are super speedy and make great gifts. Not to mention, hats are the best way to have fun with fashion in cold READ MORE

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table and Chairs

Finally! Mid-century modern dining table and chairs have entered our space! We moved into this house on Elm street two years ago, and a new table has been a significant need. I wrote a couple of posts a while back about my hunt for the perfect mid-century modern dining tables and chairs. I’m so thrilled with READ MORE

Making the Bed – One of Twelve 30-Day Mini-Resolutions

Hey, all! I wanted to give you a little update on my 30-day mini-resolutions. Today is National Make Your Bed Day, so all the better to share my September resolution today with a sneak peek of my bedroom while I’m at it! Deciding to make my bed every morning in September has made me pleasantly READ MORE

Sweater Weather-12 Best Chunky Knit Sweater Patterns

Let’s talk about the best chunky knit sweater patterns. It is getting to be sweater weather after all! The fall always gets me giddy about cozy, warm knits (like this gorgeous sweater from Annette of above). Of course, I love a great chunky blanket , but why not just wear a blanket! I really want to live READ MORE

Best Modern Dining Room Chairs- Life on Elm St.

So along with our table hunt I let you in on last month, we’ve been keeping a keen eye on modern dining room chairs in case the chairs are the component that drive our dining room table decision. There are so many chairs out there that have such gorgeous lines. I am a sucker for READ MORE

Head Over Heels: The Merrythought’s Key to Great Branding

I am always on the hunt for that illusive key to great branding.  I have been following The Merrythought for years, not only for their amazing ideas, but because I am in awe of their consistent branding and aesthetic. Then, you add to that fabulous DIY projects and you can’t go wrong! Are you a fan of living READ MORE

12 Best Modern Dining Tables – Life on Elm Street

I’m loving the look of all the modern dining tables out there right now, like this one from Rove Concepts above! We’re on the hunt for new dining room table.  I love having a lot of great options to choose from. When we moved from Baltimore, our dining room table had seen better days. In READ MORE

Comfort & Joy by Melynda Bernardi

I’m so thrilled to be part of the blog tour for Melynda Bernardi’s new book Comfort & Joy. I met Melynda a number of years ago at a conference. She struck me immediately as a warm, inviting and lovely person. She is, and everything she makes and designs reflects that exactly. I love this sweet little book READ MORE

Travel To A Cotswolds Cottage in England

I wanted to share a little about my family’s recent travels to a darling 1640s Cotswolds cottage in the village of Biddestone, England. First, I love staying in Airbnbs when we travel because staying in a home instead of a hotel emerges you into the experience of being somewhere. Furthermore, this Cotswolds cottage was absolutely charming. I wanted to show you READ MORE

Twelve Super Simple Summer Knitting Patterns

Have you been on the hunt for simple summer knitting pattners? Look no farther! This week my family and I travel to Europe for two weeks with stops in Iceland, Paris and Bruges. Right now, you can find us bouncing up and down with excitement over here! Its been over 14 years since I traveled in Europe, and the thought READ MORE

Six Swoon-Worthy Modern Quilts

I love modern quilts and have since I was a little girl. I especially love quilts with a lot of white space – not surprising! Though I covet them, I have never gotten around to making one myself. It’s on the list, though! I’ve been seeing so many stunning modern quilts lately that I wanted to share READ MORE

Easy Last Minute Valentine’s Day DIY Projects

Well, here I am, days before the holiday, trying to think of some easy last minute Valentine’s Day DIY diddies to whip up for my gang. I searched around for a few simple DIYs that I thought were too cute not to share with you. Above are my DIY Glitter Heart Key Chains  from last READ MORE

Pretty in Pink Paintings

Do you ever have those times where all your interests seem to flow a certain color way? It seems to me I’m in a pink sort of mood, like these pink paintings. My pins are trending pink and my material selections are trending pink. I usually notice these trends in my art pins first. These READ MORE

Felt and Leather Laptop Cases To Make You Swoon

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like my whole life is on my laptop.  The last time I said that out loud though, my kids looked at me a bit askance. I tried to apologize and retract, but the damage was done, they throw it back in my face regularly.  Sigh . READ MORE

Caught My Eye: Original Oil Paintings under $300

I’ve had this spot in my house that is just begging for a beautiful painting, an original oil painting, not a print.  Don’t get me wrong, I love prints and my house is full of prints from artists whose work I love.  But I’m getting to the point where I just crave the real thing, READ MORE

Caught My Eye: 11.19.14

I’m not usually one to get caught up in the early Christmas hubub so soon in November. But, as I perused Pinterest the other day, I found that I couldn’t help but get excited about snow and giving and the holidays with these beautiful images in front of me. Clockwise: Snowflake Garland by Vit Jul, READ MORE

Caught My Eye: Favorite Easter Egg DIYs

I have Easter Eggs on my mind lately. Decoupaged pansies, yes please. After those sweet concoctions from earlier this week, I wanted to share some of my favorite Easter Egg decorating ideas. I am delighted by this adorable Easter flower arrangement from Kevin Sharkey. I adore Lilies of the Valley!   Leave it to Studio DIY READ MORE

Caught My Eye: Anthropologie White

I came across these gorgeous white beauties the other day and they caught my eye! Do you dress in a certain color palette?  I’ve always been a blue-green and occasionally pink sort of gal.  Then, I started noticing that, in design and things I make, I always gravitate towards a certain color palette. I love READ MORE

Caught My Eye . . . 11/11/13

1) Starry Night Bunny Rabbit Pillow  2) Etoile Velvet Ribbon from Anthropologie 3) Photo styling for Apple Gratin from Pratos-e-Travessas   4) DIY Ribbon Bow Necklace from Oh The Lovely ThingsYummy, yummy, yummy blues.  I am so enamored with that bunny, I don’t know what to say. The Anthropolgie ribbon is simply scrumptious. Please, go check out Pratos-e-Travessas for the most READ MORE

Caught My Eye 11.05.13

1) Psalms Fox by Sarah Fitzgerald 2) Ysolda’s Aunt Fred Sweater 3) Lovely Tory Burch mary jane bow shoes 4) Hermes bag and leather pleated skirt I’m in love with these burnt oranges I’ve been seeing around this fall, especially those bow heels–so charming!  I love this warm golden-y tone.  These images make me feel cozy just looking at them! I am READ MORE

Caught My Eye 08.15.13

1) Poppy by Akiko Aoki2) Summer Soup from Pure Vege 3) Peach, Basil, and Lemon Thyme Sorbet by Cannelle Vanille4) Chloe Flats on Shop Hers  I’ve been noticing that all the things that catch my eye, whether it be DIY or a trend or just things I’m head over heels for, all tend to come READ MORE

Caught My Eye 04.19.13

Clockwise:Poppies as posted by Pretty StuffPeaches & Popsicles as seen on Julie Leah (does anyone know the true source?)Taiwan Cherry Tree by Su-Li HungFloral Scarf from Sole Society