adorable diy wood mobile

DIY Wood Baby Mobile with Elephants

I’m so excited for this sweet and easy DIY Wood Baby Mobile. Aren’t the little elephants so cute!? My cousin just had a beautiful baby girl, Olivia, and this is going to her along with a few other little goodies. I love the simplicity of the scalloped wood discs and the paper cut elephants. The READ MORE

Making Thanksgiving Guests Feel Welcome

I’ve been thinking a lot about making Thankgsiving guests feel welcome this year as we have a whole crew descending on the house tomorrow. I have to admit I’m not always the most prepared and generous host. I tend to barely finish my work before guests arrive and plan most things on the fly. Not READ MORE

DIY Locker Decorations: Dry Erase Board + Pencil Cup

I love dry erase boards. I adore the smoothness with which those markers glide across the surface. But, let’s face it, most whiteboards tend to be pretty ugly. Why not dress it up for your DIY locker decorations this year with a beautiful colored version? Turns out you can write on glass with those markers READ MORE

DIY Locker Decorations: Mirror +Bulletin Board

Here is Part II of my DIY Locker Decorations series.  Yay! Look at this beautiful magnetic beaded mirror and little mini bulletin boards with matching thumb tacks. Of course, the mirror has a happy little “Hello” to say to you every time you take a peek.  I mean, really, let’s be honest, wasn’t the mirror READ MORE

DIY Gold Ring Necklace – a year of handmade gift

I recently went to Miami Beach – woo hoo! to celebrate my 40th birthday (which isn’t until September, by the by) with nine of my wonderful, smart, talented and beautiful college girlfriends. We had a blast!  What is it about the friends you made when you were 18 that makes them the best of friends? READ MORE

A Yellow Jeweled Bracelet – a year of handmade gift

I hope you all had a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend. We had a ball over here, starting with a latte brought to me in bed! Along with it came piles of handmade presents–my favorite!  They followed that with a beautiful hike, plus time for me to make in the afternoon. We capped the day off READ MORE

Hidden Kisses – a leather and yarn diy bracelet

I’ve been on a mission to create more fun jewelry that my boys would like to wear.  I’ve mentioned this before, but I dig it when boys wear bracelets (and rings!).  My daughter loved this bracelet too, so I really think it could be for either girls or boys.  I like to think of x’s READ MORE

Crocheted Stones

Ever since I entered the blogging world and saw crocheted stones, I have wanted to make one.  I think they are gorgeous. The crochet skill required just seemed far beyond my crochet abilities however, which were pretty much limited to this potholder I blogged about long ago.  Seeing something so beautiful that I want to make READ MORE

A Bead, Thread and Leather Bracelet DIY-a year of handmade gift

My nephew Conrad just turned six.  He has an easy smile and a warm and loving way about him that is absolutely charming.  He’s sporty, but tender. Who can’t love a boy like that?  He loves soccer jerseys, won’t wear anything but sports shorts, and lives his life as the fun-loving youngest of two strong READ MORE

A Sign for Your Valentine – a diy papercut room placard

I’ve been thinking a lot about how different each of my children are, and how essential it is to celebrate these differences.  This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to incorporate their personalities into their gifts.  These placards, upon their bedroom door or hanging on their bulletin board, will remind them, every day, how unique they are READ MORE

Girls DIY Diamond Barettes – a year of handmade gift

These are the easiest and fastest little barrettes you ever will make–but they are so darling!  Who doesn’t want to wear diamonds in their hair! I almost didn’t do a tutorial for these because they seemed so simple. But, I figure the tutorial might encourage some new maker to give it a go, or inspire READ MORE

DIY Monogram Bracelet for Lily – a year of handmade gift

Here is part II of Lily’s present – a monogrammed ribbon bracelet.  When I asked my sister-in-law what Lily, my 11 year-old niece, might like for her birthday, she said anything with her monogram.  I was going to make a monogram pillow for her bed, but ended up wanting to send her something complimentary to the READ MORE

DIY Pearl Hair Combs for Lily – a year of handmade

My niece Lily is beautiful–willowy, with big liquid brown eyes, long stunning mahogany hair.  She loves to dress in an understated way–grays, blacks, and plums, in solids and stripes.  She is turning 11 (okay, she already turned 11 and I’m late sending the gift, but who doesn’t like a late birthday present in the mailbox?). When READ MORE

A Year of Handmade and Favorite Gifts From 2011

Here we go.  I’m a little overwhelmed at my commitment to make all my gifts handmade this year.  I believe strong goals make us stronger. Putting a serious challenge in front of you enables you to actually rise to meet it.   A handmade gift is literally constructed with intention and presence and meaning.  There READ MORE