20 Gorgeous Finger Knitting Projects + How To Finger Knit Video

Are you looking for fabulous finger knitting projects and a video to teach you how to finger knit? I have both for you right here!  Thanks to Love Knitting, find the beginning video below, which will show you how to cast on, finger knit, stop in the middle, pick up a dropped stitch and bind off. You’ll learn READ MORE

Finger Knitting Ornament Wreath and Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone. I hope you all are having wonderful days with your loved ones filled with adventure, warmth and good food. I’m so happy to be sharing a tutorial for this finger knit wreath ornament over on U Create today. Kari Sweeten has been running a huge ornament series this November – so READ MORE

DIY Tasseled Love Pillow – a finish fifty project

Making this pillow has been on my finish fifty project list since last year when I first started brainstorming fun finger knit projects. The long finger knit chain just asks to be turned into letters.  For some reason, I never got around to executing on it–I guess it was just waiting in my notebook for READ MORE

Finger-Knit Wreath–a Five Fabulous Finger-Knitting Project

I was musing the other day after my finger knitting kit post about how much I love the texture of finger knitting and how it mimics the gorgeous chunky knits I’ve been seeing everywhere. Suddenly, boom!, the idea of a finger-knit wreath hit me and absolutely had to come to fruition. What a beautiful way READ MORE

A Finger-Knit Ghost Garland – DIY tutorial

I’m so excited to be presenting a new tutorial for you. I’ve had to squeeze it in between lots of crazy work/house stuff, but it’s done. And, I think its pretty cute! It is a collection of sweet black ghosts on a decorative strand of finger-knitting. A ghost garland–yes. And, no, I haven’t gotten sick of READ MORE

A Chunky Throw Pillow – a Fabulous Finger-Knitting Project

Finger-knitting has done grown up, as I like to say. My latest finger-knitting project DIY is featured on Design*Sponge today. I have always thought finger-knitting quite beautiful.  How sad that it is typically relegated to the world of “children’s” craft. Not that it isn’t a great craft for young children (to learn how, click here), but READ MORE

A Finger Knitting Door Curtain with Bells DIY

For those of you who are my age, just tell me you never wanted one of those groovy beaded door curtains from the 70s.  I know I did.  Something about the clickety clack of those shiny, plastic beads jangling against one another beguiled me. I never had one, of course. And, like most things like READ MORE

Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY

Here we go!  I’m so excited to kick off this series of finger-knitting projects. For the first project, B proffered his largest ball of finger-knitting for us all to try weaving a rug! This finger knitting hula hoop rug is super-fun and easy to do. The rug was made on a hula hoop loom, using an READ MORE

A New Series: 5 Fabulous Finger Knitting Projects

This is what an over one-foot wide ball of one-finger finger-knitting looks like.  I am not kidding. And, I have approximately 12 or so of these, in varying sizes, floating around odd corners of my house.  I am thrilled my kiddos took to it, but what to do with these massive balls? I’m happy to READ MORE

Finger Knitting How-to

You know how I just wrote about how I like getting a handmade gift more than just about anything.  Well, this is anything.  Sitting on the couch on a lazy Sunday, knitting with my kids . . . that beats gift-getting for sure. It is a gift itself. We just sat there side-by-side, for about an hour, READ MORE