crochet pumpkin tutorial

Crochet Pumpkin Cover Pattern and Tutorial

Yes, it’s a crochet pumpkin cover! I received this Funkin the other day as part of the #12MonthsOfMartha program. It’s been sitting in my living room whispering “What will you do with me?” all week.  I have to say, I feel like I may have seen just about every possible pumpkin decorating idea there could READ MORE

Gold Animal Easter Eggs DIY

Hi All! We’re already here at the week before Easter. I hope you love this Golden Animal Easter Eggs DIY as much as I do.   Allie, my daughter, and I came across these little animal figurines at Michael’s and the idea popped into my head.  The design is so clean and simple, yet whimsical and READ MORE

DIY Easter Eggs in Party Hats

I’m so excited about these quick little DIY Easter Eggs.  Eggs are just so cute with little faces on.  Last year, I gave the darlings little floral crowns. This year, I thought they needed some party hats!  And, of course, they need a DIY floral backdrop, like any good, blog-crazy, diy-doing eggs. I have to READ MORE

Embroidery Basics and Stitch How To

It’s no surprise to you all that I adore embroidery. Just as you can add beautiful embellishment to paper with stitches, you can add embroidery stitches into patterned fabric and enhance its beauty. It is that lovely time of the month when I get to share a Martha Stewart craft tutorial and I couldn’t be READ MORE

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Tassels

Looking for a little last minute holiday fun? Whip up these adorable tissue paper fringe tassels in a heartbeat. They are the perfect touch to a whimsical holiday deer. . . . yes, he absolutely NEEDED the tassels! Or, dress up that very special package!  Man, I love Christmas. This one is for my sister-in-law, who READ MORE

Halloween Ghost Decorations, Butternut Squash, Of Course!

Last but not least for my butternut squash extravaganza, go glam with these Halloween ghost decorations. Yes, there’s still time tomorrow! Grab a butternut squash and some glitter and go to town! I couldn’t resist these pretty pastels. Who says ghosts need to be white? I mean look at this lilac glamour girl, isn’t she READ MORE

Halloween Butternut Squash Three Ways: The Sleeve

Am I the only one that gets tired of pumpkins?  I decided to make a push for those sweet butternut squash this Halloween, which look just as lovely decorated. In the next few days, I have these three beautiful butternut squash decorated three different ways. With all my teaching travel lately, my Halloween decorating has READ MORE

DIY Locker Decorations: Dry Erase Board + Pencil Cup

I love dry erase boards. I adore the smoothness with which those markers glide across the surface. But, let’s face it, most whiteboards tend to be pretty ugly. Why not dress it up for your DIY locker decorations this year with a beautiful colored version? Turns out you can write on glass with those markers READ MORE

DIY Locker Decorations: Mirror +Bulletin Board

Here is Part II of my DIY Locker Decorations series.  Yay! Look at this beautiful magnetic beaded mirror and little mini bulletin boards with matching thumb tacks. Of course, the mirror has a happy little “Hello” to say to you every time you take a peek.  I mean, really, let’s be honest, wasn’t the mirror READ MORE

DIY Locker Decorations: Wooden Frames + Notepad

DIY Locker Decorations! It’s back to school time! I don’t know what it is about September that makes me so happy.  It could be my birthday that comes at the end of the month, but somehow I feel the promise of everything come September.  I feel organized and ready to start anew.  It’s time for READ MORE

Wood Pendant Necklace DIY

Get your summer kicked off with a bright splash by making  and donning one of these fabulous wood pendant necklaces. I received these  wooden craft tags in the mail the other day. They were just begging to be made into jewelry.  I love the image of these beautiful wood pendant necklaces swinging from a gold READ MORE

A Doll DIY Party

In this lovely, hand made, web world of party DIYs, why not pull together a Doll DIY Party!? The other day, Allie brought me out of my knitting book insanity with a craft book in hand asking, “Can we make this doll?” My first reaction was “Is she nuts?? I absolutely have no time to READ MORE

DIY Polka Dot Custom Cake Stand

The Flights of Fancy Mother’s Day Brunch isn’t over yet. A couple more DIYs to share with you. Part of what made the party table fun was the custom cake stand, (it’s paper!). I decorated it to match the beautiful DIY hot air balloons. Boom! small effort, cool effect. Think of the endless customizable options READ MORE

Sugar Dipped Marshmallows DIY

Looking for a fabulous way to customize a party with a color-coordinated treat? Try these beautiful and tasty sugar dipped marshmallows. These natural marshmallows have a more “candy” like taste and have better ingredients than your typical “jet-puffed” variety. Add some simple colored decorating sugar, and voila! This treat is so simple to make and READ MORE

DIY Hot Air Balloon Party Decor

Here is my favorite of all the DIY party decor ideas from my Flights of Fancy Mother’s Day Brunch. The idea of these hot air balloons got nestled in my head and I just didn’t want to let them go. Was it The Wizard of Oz that created this romantic notion of hot air balloons READ MORE

DIY Butterfly Photo Backdrop

Here is the  first project and the original idea from my Mother’s Day Brunch post. First things first, for a beautiful party, nothing sets the stage better than a gorgeous backdrop. Butterflies for spring, yes please! Using this adorable Martha Stewart double butterfly punch, I made solid butterflies and lacy ones and layered them up.  READ MORE

Flights of Fancy Mother’s Day Brunch

I’ve always been one to let a project get away from me. This “little” Mother’s Day brunch started with the idea that I would make a cute butterfly backdrop and invite my friends over to photograph them and their loved ones in front of it on Mother’s Day. Easy, right? From there, it kind of READ MORE

Glitter Heart Key Chain DIY

I’m in love with this project. I love the shiny heart against the wood of the birch disks. Once Allie and I started making these sweet things, we couldn’t stop. I don’t think of myself as a girly-girl, but I do love me a little glitter. There is something about it that simply brightens my READ MORE

Valentine’s Day Photo Party Poppers

I love poppers at any time, but why not celebrate Valentines Day with a BANG! I’m also convinced that kids love nothing more than seeing their own faces–that and the face of their pets! This photo banner gives ’em a little something to walk away with to hang on their door or bulletin board. Though, READ MORE