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Modern Living Room Update

This blog post has been created in partnership with Article. All opinions are entirely my own.

We finally got our modern living room update underway! I couldn’t be happier with how it’s shaping up.  We have moved a bunch of times in the last five years, from Boulder, CO to Baltimore, from Baltimore to a rental house in Denver, CO, and from the rental house to our house here on Elm Street.

Modern Living Room Update

With each house comes new spaces, changed light, and different environments than the last.  Furniture that looked fabulous in one location stands out like a sore thumb in your new space, but it is all starting to come together!

Modern Living Room Update

Above is the view from our front door. I walk into our new space and get that little thrill in my chest that tells me it’s working! I still want to change a few things, like getting updated chairs, but one step at a time.

Modern Living Room Update

This whole modern living room update started with a hunt for a new sofa. We found lots of great possibilities but were so impressed with Article’s style that we settled on the Sven Sofa. My husband worried mightily about ordering a couch online. His worries were unfounded. The unbelievably comfy sofa sports plush back cushions housed within a crisply modern frame. Compare this to my old couch with it’s tailored back, and just the comfort factor is a huge transformation. Here is the living room before. I hate posting these!

Before modern living room update:

After modern living room update:

Modern Living Room Update

The overall change thrills me! I also added a new lamp and new coffee and end table which help the transformation. I updated the shade on one of my old lamps and spruced up the plant corner, too!

Modern Living Room Update

The other reason that I love the new Sven Sofa is that the slightly higher arms create a rounded feeling you can settle right into. My daughter commented on this corner of the sofa that “this cozy corner is perfect for snuggling down. It just makes me feel safe and so comfy!”   I love the tufted seat cushions and the round bolster. My only complaint about the sofa is that the tufting stops right before the back cushions so that if you removed the back cushions, you can see that the tufting is not complete across the whole seat of the sofa.

Modern Living Room Update

The lines of the couch and low profile of the back are ideal and give our modern living room update the right sensibility. The lines of the couch end and back reflect the rectangles of the garage door panes, the fireplace, and the tv. I hung an Escher print whose size is reflective of the same shapes. The table underneath it was my grandmothers. It was in the old room as well, but I opened it so you can see the intricate details inside.

Modern Living Room Update

I love the fabric on the couch which is a speckled gray, providing a light and white feeling in the room. Yet not so white that the texture won’t hide the sins of my family, too.

Modern Living Room Update

The next big change is the rug! The Mali Rug thrilled me the moment I saw it. I love the mud cloth feel of this hand-tufted rug and the texture. I think it made the biggest transformation in the room.

Modern Living Room Update

The dark gray of the rug ties into the steel and black found throughout the space beautifully.

Modern Living Room Update

The dark gray background has a multitude of colors in it which tie in well with the cabinetry in our kitchen and the space where our TV hangs.  The colors in it give it a dimensional feel that provides amazing depth.  I think you can really see it under Lucy’s feet here.

Modern Living Room Update

The new walnut end table ties in with the walnut counter stools in the kitchen, and also matches the tone of the rattan chairs.

Modern Living Room Update

This glass lamp was my aunt’s. I thought it would have to go because of it’s traditional style, but I don’t mind it in here. I think the glass makes it work. Do you think the style is way out of wack?  Modern Living Room Update

The pillows on the couch are a weaving pattern from my new book, Weaving Within Reach, which will be out August 21, 2018. You can even start pre-ordering it on Amazon now. I’ll be announcing this soon, but long story, short, pre-orders are REALLY good! I love having things that I’ve made included in my space.

Modern Living Room Update

Here’s the room with the garage door open. I love this feature as it makes our space feel like a lanai instead of an indoor room. Looking forward to those warm, breezy spring days.  I do feel relieved that I’ve finally updated this room. If you’ve been waiting, I say just bite the bullet and make some changes. It feels good!

  1. Lia

    This looks gorgeous Ann! I am about to move to my new place (not mine. . . mine, but getting closer). Your story is so inspiring.

    • Thanks so much, Lia! We’re so thrilled with how it turned out. It all came together well in the end. So excited for you and your new place. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Hope the book is going well! xoxo

  2. Kat McIver

    Amazing Anne – this looks terrific. Love how you have put the whole room together! I would sure want to spend time there!!!

    • Thanks!! I am so happy with how it came out. Thanks for all your help, too!!

  3. Deborah Mullins

    Amazing, Creative, Unique, Well thought out! But better than that, your excitement about your accomplishment is contagious!

  4. Diana

    Hi! Where are your wooden chairs from?! I’m looking for chairs just like these

    • Hi Diana, Which wooden chairs? The stools? or the rattan ones?

  5. chelsey

    where are the coffee table and side table from? love the look!

    • Thanks Chelsey, The coffee table and side table are from Room & Board. So customizable and easy to use!

  6. Liz


    I’ve been considering the Article Sven Sofa for a while now. I’m moving to Florida in two weeks and I’m finally ready to make this jump. The only problem I’m having is choosing between this lighter color that you have and the darker gray. Is this color more white or gray? It looks very white, but I do love the color.

    • HI Liz, It does end up feeling gray – but it’s light enough to give the impression of white. I certainly don’t feel like – ugh I have a white couch I have to keep clean. It feels pretty gray but is light and airy.

  7. Nikki Gregoroff

    Hi Anne, beautiful living space! Can you please tell me where you got the rattan arm chairs in the living room? And are they comfortable? I have kids and pets so these look like they would work well for me and hide a multitude of sins:) Thanks!

    • Hi Nikki, They are surprisingly comfortable!! The cushions are super soft. I wish I could help you with where I got them, but we inherited them from my sister-in-law. Good luck finding something like them.

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