Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

Happy spring everyone! I’m so excited to finally release my Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern to you all. The pattern for this pillow was originally published in 2016 in the spring issue of Mollie Makes, Issue 65. Now, I can offer it to you directly from my shop.

Buy the PATTERN or the KIT, both of which include detailed photographic instructions on how to make the pillow and how to arm knit.

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

Make the Lazy Lounger Arm Knit pillow holding four strands of a super-bulky yarn at a time. The pillow used eight skeins of Wool & The Gang Crazy Sexy Wool in Pink Lemonade, but you could also make this with six skeins of Cascade Magnum as I have provided in the kit. The kit comes with all the yarn required, a how to arm knit tutorial, and the Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern. You will need to purchase the body pillow and fabric separately. For my pillow, I used a polar fleece blanket for lining and stuffing.

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

The lazy lounger arm knit pillow was a huge hit in my family, and I literally mean “hit.” My middle son adopted the pillow and used it as a wrestling foe. It received some serious abuse (and love, too)! I say make a bunch of them for your tv room for some serious lounging.

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

I adore the decorative seams on either end of the pillow. The arm knit pillow pattern twists so that one end seam is vertical and the other end is horizontal. This twist adds to the delicious shape of the piece compared to a simple floor pillow!  The seam up the middle is an invisible mattress stitch.

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

Finally, if you’re looking for less expensive yarn, replace what I used with super-bulky wool that gets approximately two stitches to the inch in traditional knitting from your craft or local yarn store. If you want a chunkier yarn, try specialty yarns like Loopy Mango Big Loop or LoveFest Fibers ReLove Merino, using 1-2 strands. For less expensive jumbo yarn, use Michael’s Loops & Threads Free Spirit.

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern

These two-year-old photos of Allie make me so happy. She looks so cute and young! Pre-braces, pre-teen, pre-attitude ;)! Happy making, everyone!!

Lazy Lounger Arm Knit Pillow Pattern


  1. melissa atkinson

    I went immediately to look at the kit and i see you have other color options, but you don’t display them. Could you add an image of what the other colors look like?

    • Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for letting me know! I don’t know what happened, but they are all up there now!

  2. Caleb

    Hi Anne! Um, just wanted to let you know, indie pop doesn’t exist anymore from what I can see.
    Am I wrong ? I can’t find it anywhere online. Not that I need it, oh no! I have found my perfect yarn. Just needed to tell you since you mentioned it and that may confuse newer readers.

    • Hi Caleb, Thanks so much for letting me know. I’ll update that!

  3. Vivienne

    This looks so cool must make some for grandchildren

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