The Ultimate Handmade Bundle – Last Day!

I’m participating in a fabulous pattern bundle this season filled with an amazing collection of talented makers called the Ultimate Handmade Bundle. What I love most about this bundle is that it covers all sorts of handmade crafts and fiber arts, including dying, macrame, cross-stitch, embroidery, knitting, sewing, quilting and crochet.  This bundle has over $1,000 worth of 200+ patterns, projects, e-books and e-courses available for only $29  – it’s amazing!  I’m sharing some of my favorite makers and contributions below so you can see what I mean.

If based on what you see below, you’re ready to buy,  Order HERE

The Ultimate Handmade Bundle Contributors

As for me, I’m contributing detailed photographic instructions on how to arm knit, how to make this beautiful ribbed blanket below, my cowl pattern, and a pouf pattern.  My contributions alone are worth half the price, but you will be blown away at everything else.


Do you love lounging in super comfy chunky knits? That’s exactly what Jen Geigley’s Weekend offers! Filled with patterns for sweaters and accessories, her collection of knits to make will have you craving the weekend even more than you already do.  Find Weekend in the bundle!


Creator of the Etsy featured shop, I Heart Stitch Art, Sarah Milligan contributes a trifecta of insect embroidery patterns. Wouldn’t we all welcome this bug into our home! ( How many times can you say that?! ) The black on linen is just so lovely. The patterns are in the bundle.


All about stitches, needles and threads, Pumora‘s creator, Anne, features 17 of her most popular patterns in the bundle. Yes, that means you can bask in the company of these beautiful creatures!


Celebrate your inner free spirit and creative soul by hanging a handmade macrame wall hanging in your house! Krystle Luvis of Home Vibes, provides a step-by-step picture based manual to the bundle for making your own macrame masterpiece. It may look complicated, but it is beginner approved!


Who couldn’t use pop of color in their life? Stitcharama provides embroidery patterns to the bundle that  are fun, easy to follow, and full of bohemian flair!


Learn how to create Japanese couture without leaving your couch! Rin Gomura-Elkan’s ebook  is your go-to guide for learning and understanding Japanese sewing patterns.  There is so much sewing I’d like to do, but don’t know how. This guide in the bundle will be huge to help me tackle my favorites!


Galaborn Patterns combines the old craft tradition of cross stitching with modern designs. Her collection of geometric animal and bird patterns are all as beautiful as this baby bluebird!  When I was younger, I would cross-stitch until I was cross-eyed! It’s so great to see this craft transformed into something modern!


Finally, harness the art of natural dyeing with Francesca Stone‘s stunning shibori technique. Whether you create a fashion statement like this scarf or a wall hanging for your home, Fran’s ebook (contributed to the bundle) will show you that with shibori the options are endless!

I hope you can see the possibilities of all these projects the way I can. Coming from someone who loves to do all hand crafts, I love how this Ultimate Handmade Bundle is so broad in scope, but worth it for just one or two categories, too!

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