Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

I don’t know about you but I’m excited that it’s hat weather, and I’ve rounded up the best knit hat patterns I could find, just for you! I love knitting hats because they are super speedy and make great gifts. Not to mention, hats are the best way to have fun with fashion in cold weather!  I hope you love what I picked. Please, tell me what’s your favorite?  Mine just might be the hat above which is the  Homestretch Hat by Purl Soho  If time isn’t your friend and you need a quick knit gift, consider the Homestretch hat your go-to. Only requiring one skein of Purl Soho’s Gentle Giant, no double pointed needles, and no decreases, it will have you wondering how something so easy can look so good!

Here are the rest of the beauties!  Of course, if you’ve made any of them, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Flurries Hat by Margo Knits

Appropriately named, the Flurries Hat will have you head decorated in lovely white “flakes” whether or not you are walking in a winter wonderland!

Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

WAK Seed Knit Slouch Beanie Hat

I knit this We Are Knitters hat last year, and it’s still one of my favorites! Super comfortable, make it simply on straight needles.


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Beloved Aran by Solen Couix-Loarer

Knit from the bottom-up with a ribbed brim and classic seed stitch body, this free pattern is available in sizes ranging from baby to adult. You know you have a winner when the pattern works for the whole family.


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

 Diana Hat by Martha Wissing

This was close to my favorite of all the best knit hat patterns! Knit in super bulky yarn, this chulla hat features ribbing, and beautiful texture. But what caught my eye was the finishing touches of the braided ties and elongated tassel. Let’s be honest, a big tassel makes everything better!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Snow Day Hat by Purl Soho

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! If a snow day includes this hat made with two strands of Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino wool, I am all in!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Fluffy Brioche Hat by Purl Soho

I know, I know, another Purl Soho hat, but if its not broke, don’t fix it – they make such classics. If you love a hat that is not too tight, look no further! The fluffy brioche stitch creates room and dimension while the contrasting ribbed brim gives you snugness and structure where you need it.


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Clementine Hat by Miskunn

This monochromatic hat combines beauty and boldness, but nothing too difficult to do. The body of the hat looks complex to the eye, but is made with simple stitches. And look at that big pom pom? It proves that sometimes bigger is truly better!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Basic Two-Tones Hat by Ksenia of Life is Cozy

If knitting a hat is new to you, this is a perfect place to start! Made with Lion Brand Wool- Ease Thick and Quick ( an affordable favorite of mine), and only basic stitches, you will knit this up hat up in no time and be impressed with the finished product. Plus, imagine the color combinations? I can already see the little newborns in my life wearing one!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Seathwaite by Kate Gagnon Osborn

Complete with an allover cable knit body, and snug double-thick brim, this free downloadable pattern, complete with an abundant amount of resources for newbies, will warm up your hands to knitting cables. Not to mention, the finished product that you can proudly wear and warm up your head with heat and your heart with satisfaction!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Reversible Pleated Hat by Purl Soho

This is a two-for-one! A touch of personality from pleating combines with shaping on both sides. Reversible means the wearer gets to choose which sides strikes their fancy!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Fisher Cable Hat by Lindsey Felice

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about the guys in your life, but this would look great on anyone! The Fisher Cable Hat is a great way to test out the waters of cabling because it is only required in the ribbed brim. The body is only knitting. Such a great hat!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Chami Hat by Cathy Carron

It’s all about the color with the Chami Hat, but this would be great in neutrals, too. Partially, I’m overwhelmed because of how awesome these stairs and wall are! Featuring a color work band, ear flaps ensuring warmth, and bigger than life pom poms, this hat make a great fashion statement!



Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Anker’s Hat by PetiteKnit 

The simplicity of this hat is what makes it stunning. Constructed from segments of ribbing, it is recommended to knit from the bottom-up on circular needles and decrease on double-pointed.


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Top Down Ear Flap Hat by Purl Soho

Ensure your ears are completely covered and nice and toasty with this Top Down Ear Flap Hat! Of all the best knit hat patterns, I think this makes the best baby hat. How cute is that little one?  Construct this hat from the top-down so you can determine when the brim hits just above your eyebrows. Ears should be covered, but not the eyes!


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Braddock by Christina Danaee 

I love the ease of this slouchy silhouette in combination with luxurious golden hue. I would also be eager to try the recommended luxury yarn- Magpie Swanky DK – a hand-dyed silky soft yarn made from a blend of merino and cashmere.


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Winter Adventure Snood by Pelykh Natalie

Compared to the rest of the hats, this piece looks complex, and it is a bit.  This will keep not just your head toasty, but your neck too. A cowl and hat combined into one piece- the recipient really will be getting two gifts in one! (It’s okay if that recipient is you! I would have a hard time of letting go of this one.)


Only the Best Knit Hat Patterns

Little Hearts Hat by KniftyKnittings

Finally, this pattern literally puts the “heart” in giving handmade gifts from the heart. Using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick , and simple fair isle stranding, the hat includes sizes from newborn to large adult, so your entire family can be warm, cute, and cozy this winter!

I don’t even know where to start with this fabulous list of the best knit hat patterns. I love them all!!

  1. Elaine Lowes

    Absolutely love your ideas! I have been searching for a hat that a person could wear for a ponytail or bun. Almost a wrap with a closing with buttons or Velcro. Have you any patterns for something like that? Just an idea I was thinking about. Thanks for your help!

    Thanks for your

    • Hi Elaine,
      Thanks so much! I have seen those, but didn’t run across any in my search. And, I don’t have any patterns like that either. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

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