Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern and Kit

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Who doesn’t love a cozy chunky cardigan knitting pattern? There’s nothing like snuggling into a beauty like this to make you feel wrapped in ultimate luxury.  The Simone Cardigan arrives as a kit from We Are Knitters, and is perfect for beginners. The pieces are all basic rectangles and you just seam it together at the end. The only tricky part is collecting the stitches around the front pieces to do the ribbing along the edge. But you can do it! It’s easy enough! This makes for a very satisfying first sweater. Use the code WAKandTwine at We Are Knitters to get a great discount.

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

As fast as it is to make, I have been working on finishing this cardigan for a while. When I headed to California last week, I pretty much forced myself into wrapping it up by bringing it with me as my only warm layer. The cardigan is so blanket-like, I didn’t have room in my suitcase for anything else. Best laid plans, though. It took me until the last night in California to finish it up. I was a little shivery for most of the evenings on my trip, but boy did it feel good when I put it on that last night! The sweater is perfect for bundling up. It’s so big and thick, it definitely works best as an outer layer.

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

I made the XL size. The one alteration I would make to the Simone chunky cardigan knitting pattern would be to add some more width in the front panels.  Though there’s lots of room on Meghann, my model, on me, I want something a little more wrappable, especially with no closure. I also might add patch pockets to the fronts too. A coat-like, chunky sweater like this requires a snuggly place to dig your hands in to! Note, making the largest size and my being a tight knitter meant that I did have to order an extra skein of yarn over and above what came with the kit.

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Meghann, who looks gorgeous in the sweater, is the creative mind behind Half Moon Atelier.She makes beautiful things, including modern sewing patterns, with a focus on sustainable sewing.  We met at Craftcation 2017 in Los Angeles, where I was teaching last week.

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Make the Simone chunky cardigan knitting pattern on size US 19 needles. It comes together in a jiffy!  I love the look too!

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

I’ve included a couple of photos of me in it on the beach in California. Can you tell I’m so thrilled to finally have it on!? What a gorgeous night that was. I love sand in between my toes and a sunset, don’t you?

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

It shocks me how happy the ocean and beach make me. There’s something about California air that soothes the soul. It helps that I was surrounded by marvelous creative souls.  If you ever get a chance to make it to Craftcation, I highly recommend it!  I hope spring is finding you full of joy, too! What are you making right now?

Simone Chunky Cardigan Knitting Pattern

Thanks to Sonya Phillip for the photos of me!!

  1. Oh my goodness, I can FEEL your happiness in those photos! Looks like you had a blast and the sweater was worth the wait. It’s beautiful! And you should totally add pockets!! xoxo

    • Thanks so much Marlene! I was happy out there on that beach. I just love the ocean, and I love my new sweater!! xoxo Anne

  2. Hannah

    Anne, I can see how warm the wool is.. I would love to try this in Pink color. The pattern is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Cant wait to knit one for myself but occupied i n crocheting pillows for my sista. Will start it afterwards. Thanks again for sharing this. I will be subscribing your blog for more posts like this..

    • Hi Hannah,
      The pink color would be beautiful. I am so glad you like the post and the blog!Yes, do knit it after! You’re an amazing sister!

  3. Claire Burton

    Hi can you please tell me where I can find the pattern for this love it already have yarn so don’t need the kit


    • Hi Claire! I wish I could tell you could buy the pattern separately but I don’t think you can. The link to shop is in the post. Good luck!!

  4. Dawn Salamone

    Hello. I would love to make this cardigan. I do not need the kit. I already have the 6skeins of yarn and the knitting needles needed for the project, I just need the pattern. How may I obtain this pattern

    • Hi Dawn,
      I know how frustrating this is. I don’t think they sell the pattern separately. I wish I could help. Have you contacted We Are Knitters?They may have a new option – or at least you could ask customer service.

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