A Simple Knit Basket Pattern for Beginners

A Simple Knit Basket Pattern for Beginners

I’ll admit it, I’m a little obsessed with bringing knits to home decor, and this simple knit basket pattern is no exception. Find this fun, nubbly project over on Apartment Therapy right now! Or, if you’d like a PDF Pattern, you can find one in the Flax & Twine shop. This is a traditional knitting pattern, which yes, I still love to do!

For this basket, I love the texture of this Knit Collage Yarn. I usually am more of a simple knit kind of gal, but the thick and thin nature and the mix of colors brings interest to this basic knit. Use this basket for your favorite plant, or to store your must-have bobbles and bits.  It is simple enough for beginners to make  – all you have to knit is a rectangle, and the rest of the shape comes from finishing!

A Simple Knit Basket Pattern for Beginners

There is so much more great info about modern knitting over on Apartment Therapy right now, including chunky knits and arm knitting. This simple knit basket pattern is just part of the series. In the set of articles, they share some great resources on wool supplies, plus they feature some of my arm knitting patterns and tutorials (yay!). I love that they are diving into modern knitting for the masses!

A Simple Knit Basket Pattern for Beginners

The simple knit basket pattern is on traditional needles, which I still love to use, of course! It uses one skein of Knit Collage Cast Away in Prism, which includes 70 yards. The yarn is 100% wool and includes so many fabulous colorways to choose from. My favorites are Lagoon and Peachy Sparkle. Plus, Amy, the owner of Knit Collage, is such an amazing person! I love supporting inspiring small business owners.

A Simple Knit Basket Pattern for Beginners

Recently, I have been turning to knitting a lot to quiet my mind and relax my being. With all the turmoil we see in the world today, it is amazing how knitting just soothes the soul. I highly encourage it as a coping strategy!!

A Simple Knit Basket Pattern for Beginners

In other news, as evidenced by the product shots, I did indeed buy myself an adorable record player from UO. This, too, has been a fabulous balm for all the stress. Somehow listening to records brings a simpler time to mind. I enjoy hearing complete album, especially from artists that hold a special place in my heart. Finally, there’s something about the sound of a needle hitting vinyl that I absolutely adore!

  1. Julie

    So pretty! Love the yarn you chose.

    • Thanks Julie! Knit Collage (www.knitcollage.com) makes gorgeous yarn!

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  3. Oh I am also a big fan of the yarn. The different textures and especially the colors are so great together. Looks like Spring is around the corner.

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