Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

I’m in love with our new Norman Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove. Many of you know that we moved into a new house a few months ago. One of the critical areas that needed furniture was our new and beautiful kitchen island. You can’t have a big island like this without a stylish and comfortable place to sit! As a result, I reviewed some of my favorite modern counter stools a couple months ago, hoping to find some good options. Finally, we made our decision and couldn’t be happier with our choice!

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove ConceptsMid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

I think these mid-century style counter stools fit in our kitchen beautifully and have that contemporary look I was going for. On top of that, they are easy to clean AND super comfortable. The backs and the wide seats make it easy for folks and family to hang out for long stretches.

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

Most important, the three tones of wood in the chairs bring together the mix  of kitchen cabinetry, floors and other furniture pieces in the living space in a gorgeous way!

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

The retailer, Rove Concepts, began in 2011 with the intention of bringing hand-crafted, mid-century style furniture to the masses. I think they do an incredible job and their aesthetic is killer. Basically, I want to get everything in their shop! This stool is named after the original designer, Norman Cherner. I love the lines of these stools, and how something so utilitarian can be so beautiful!

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

At the same time, the price tag isn’t too bad. Plus, they were easy to put together with an allen wrench. One warning, we managed to put two of the seats on backwards. We realized this as soon as we sat down and felt how the stool was dumping us out the front. We were pretty relieved when we realized the problem! These stools feel sturdy and solid, and we are pleased with the quality.

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

So far, they are holding up well to the abuse my three kiddos dole out (ages 11 to 14).  We’ve been able to scrub off markers and paint without much impact.  I’ve even stood on them a few times to take photos from on high :).

Mid-Century Style Counter Stools from Rove Concepts

In conclusion, if you are looking for new mid-century style counter stools, these are a great way to go! Rove did provide these stools in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own, however. Frankly, I think the stools rock!

  1. Barbara

    Perfect ! The backs remind me of Ginko leaves

    • Thanks Barbara! They do look a lot like Ginko leaves!!

  2. You have such a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing <3

    • Thanks so much Emily! We love the stools!

  3. Eames J

    Everything you own is undeniably beautiful and you should be mad proud. I always like the mid century furniture they are classy yet fits perfectly in contemporary homes

  4. All of these are looking spanking . Great thanks for shared this post with us .

  5. Meenakshi Sharma

    Love Love Love your whole house. Came across your blog while doing google search for reviews on these bar stools. Can I ask you where you got your kitchen runner from? Thanks.

    • Hi! Thanks so much. The black and white runner is from West Elm. The other rug was passed down from my Father-in-law. i’m not sure where he found that rug. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

  6. Julie C

    I’ve been looking at these stools for several weeks and am glad to see your feedback since there are no reviews for the stool on Rove’s website. Can you comment on how level the stools sit? Do they rock or is there a leveling feature? I’d like to pull the trigger on these but want to be sure I’ll love them.

    • Julie C

      Also, you’ve now owned them for over a year—are you still happy with them?

    • HI Julie, The stools have held up pretty well. There are a few knicks and scratches, but they are minimal. They have been comfortable and easy to clean and they still look great. One leg lost part of its lamination, but it’s small (not sure what happened to that). I never saw the piece. We have three teenagers who are pretty rough so, I’ve been impressed overall. There is not a leveling feature but I haven’t felt like it needs it. Sometimes I feel like they might be scratching the floor, though not horribly. I keep meaning to add felt circles to the bottom. Overall, we’ve been thrilled with them. They are beautiful!

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