New! DIY Finger Knitting Trimmed Pillow

Finger Knit Border Pillow-8628

Good news! I have a new DIY finger knitting trimmed pillow tutorial for you, plus a new partnership with KOEL Magazine to tell you all about. KOEL Magazine is the brain child of the beautifully stylish design blog, so that means it’s bound to be gorgeous!

finger knitting trimmed pillow-8480

KOEL Magazine celebrates crafting with yarn to create a stylish home. I am honored that they have chosen me to share modern, fiber interior projects on their blog once a month in a column called Knit A Therapy.  My finger knitting trimmed pillow is the column’s first entry! So exciting!

finger knitting trimmed pillow-8646

I did a version of the pillow in a traditional worsted weight yarn and one in t-shirt yarn. You can pretty much use whatever yarn scraps you have available, as the project takes only 30 yards of yarn or so.  A home project that is beautiful and a good use for leftover yarn makes these pillows a sure-fire winner!

finger knitting trimmed pillow-8437

If you don’t know how to finger knit, never fear. Learning how to finger knitting is a snap. As a result, this pillow makes be a great first knitting project. Make it with your children or just because you want to create something stunning and different for your home!

finger knitting trimmed pillow-8559

KOEL magazine is all about curating a contemporary interior decor with yarn. The magazine brings back the coolness to decorative crochet, knitting, macramé, latch hooking, needlework, and weaving. And, they are adding finger knitting, too. If you know about my book, you know I can seriously get on board with this idea.

Finger Knit Border Pillow-8576

Curated by Irene Hoofs, KOEL sounds like a super exciting magazine, especially for fiber lovers like you and me. Irene founded in 2006, which evolved into Studio Bloesem, a new media creative studio. Since inception Bloesem consistently ranks among the most influential international design blogs. Finally, they are bringing that design expertise to the yarn world.

Finger Knit Border Pillow-8617

Look forward to lots more yarn-y goodness. I know I am!

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  2. Amy

    Do you have a tutorial for the pillow staged with the knitted edge pillows? It’s absolutely gorgeous and I want one! 😉

  3. Hi Anne! I also love the pillow with the rainbow of knots. Did you make that? It looks like french knots, but I can’t tell what they’re stitched with and would love to try something like this.

    • Mollie,
      Thanks so much for reaching out! I love that pillow. It’s from Target. It’s on my list to do a tutorial for that one. It’s so super cute!

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