Life on Elm Street – A New Home

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

There is big news around the Weil household – we’ve found a new home! As some of you know, my family moved from Baltimore, MD to Denver, CO last August due to my husband’s career. We’ve been living in a rental house since then. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve found a beautiful, modern home that is now ours. This bungalow makeover is located in the Park Hill neighborhood in Denver. I wanted to share some before photos with you, pre-move-in, so you can get excited with me about transforming this beautiful space into a new Life on Elm Street.

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

One of my favorite features in our new home is this gorgeous floating staircase. Some of you may know that this is a major departure from the last two homes I’ve lived in which were both circa the early 1900s. Design Sponge featured my Baltimore home last year. Though I’m sad to leave some of that historical character behind, it’s fun to play with a more modern and industrial aesthetic. Steel beams, columns and window trim is something entirely new for me!

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

The house is full of windows and light which I love. One of the main features is a garage door off the living room. I’m not entirely convinced about this. I would prefer a wall of windows with clean french doors. What are your thoughts? Have any of you lived with a garage door in your living room? Do you love it? hate it?

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

This house is a remodel of an old Denver bungalow, so there are still some reminders of it’s skeleton in the exposed brick walls and this adorable, non-working 🙁 fireplace. This room is my new studio! It is filled with gorgeous south-eastern light. Nothing makes me happier than sun coming through my windows! Plus, given that I’ve been working in our dining room for the last year, I am more than a little thrilled to have my own space back. I’m thinking about painting one of the brick walls and the fireplace. What do you think? If you guessed I’m thinking white, you’re right! Any good resources for painting brick?

 Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

I love that the floor plan for our new home is so open! I look forward to entertaining and  hanging out here with my family. I can picture my kids bickering at the counter over breakfast already, can’t you?

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

The dining room is open to the rest of the 1st floor and has a beautiful exposed brick wall as well.

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

I love our charming back yard. This old tree makes me happy, as do the clean lines of the fence. Lucy will love romping back here. I need to plant a bit of along the edges as I miss my Baltimore garden desperately. Oh, the loss of the growing season is a painful one.

Modern and Industrial New Home - Life on Elm Street

One last feature that I couldn’t be more thrilled about is this beautiful shower in the master bath! Eep! Two shower heads and so much room! It feels very luxurious to say the least.

There’s a lot to share about the new house as we get settled. I’m planning a lot of furniture updates to my current stock, new lighting, lots of fiber to soften things up and some little DIY touches that I think you’re going to like. I hope your excited to follow along on our new home journey and our new Life on Elm Street. Let me know what and how much you want to hear about our new house. Do you want to see my process and inspiration behind designing it? Tips and tricks on changes I’ll be making? Shopping sources for furniture I’m considering etc? Leave a comment below and let me know.

  1. Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! And all that exposed brickwork! I’m looking forward to seeing you make it your own… 🙂

  2. DK

    Beautiful new home. I would advise not jumping into painting your brick walls. Enjoy their “natural” beauty as it is. Then, down when you get bored with the look paint the bricks. I offer the advice because I “painted too fast” and I’ll never be able to recover the natural bricks coloration again.

    • Hi! I think that’s a really good point. I may just leave them as is and see how I feel about it. Good advice xo

  3. Maggie

    Please don’t paint the brick! It is beautiful the way it is.

    • Hi Maggie! You’re not the only one to say so! I think I’ll keep it that way for a while and see how I feel about it! Anne

  4. Happy nesting in your new home!

  5. Oooh Anne!!! I am so happy for you guys!!! What a fun house and fun area!! We used to live on fairfax (just a little south of there, in hilltop) when we first moved to Denver! I have always loved the park hill neighborhood ? Congratulations! Can’t wait to see how you make this house yours!!

    • Thanks so much, Sarah! It is a beautiful neighborhood! So cool you used to live in Hilltop!! We’re excited because the boys will be able to go to East. Hope you’re well!

  6. LOVE your new house, Anne! Those floors, that staircase, the brick! Please do keep us updated as you move in and begin putting your touches on it. Looking forward to more!

  7. Donaville Herrick

    So exciting and what a beauty — loving all the exposed brick! Many congrats 🙂

  8. Nancy

    Love the garage door in the living room…really cool! And suits the industrial feel of the other elements…

    • Thanks Nancy. We had a party here last night and I have to say, the garage door was awesome!! I loved having it wide open and having folks come in and out. So much fun!

  9. Maggie


    • Thanks so much Maggie! and have fun hand crocheting!

  10. Harriet Cecilia

    This is overwhelming …it speaks to everyone’s heart in different places like the breeze flowing through the different leaves of the tree….there is so much of the ever amplifying goodness in all the places to be seen and enjoyed by so many…don’t lose track of your beautiful and initial focus…it tells me who you are and what you are about…thank you…!!!

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