Gorgeous Hand Crochet Blanket in an Hour

hand crochet blanket pattern

I  literally squealed when I started making this hand crochet blanket. I fell in love this fabric and the look of this blanket at first sight and you will too. Amazingly, hand crochet is even EASIER than hand/arm knitting to do and FASTER! You can make this hand crochet blanket in about an hour. It is 36″ x 42″ of sheer luxury.  I know you want to know how!

The one downside is that it takes even more yarn that hand crochet blanket pattern

Have no fear! I have you extra covered on all fronts. First, I have a lovely Hand Crochet Blanket Pattern that comes with an easy to follow how to hand crochet tutorial.  Second, I made a video that walks you exactly how to hand crochet step by step. It comes with purchase of the pattern or the stand alone PDF.  Third, if you want to use this same gorgeous yarn, I have a kit all ready for you that comes with the yarn, the pattern, the pdf and the video!

hand crochet blanket pattern

Trust me when I say that hand crochet is super simple to learn. You use your hand as the hook while still following the basic crochet technique.

hand crochet blanket pattern

The one downside to hand crochet is that it takes even more yarn than arm knitting. Hard to believe, but the fabric is so dense and plush you won’t care! I made this chunky crochet blanket with 980 yards of super bulky yarn, crocheting with 4 strands at a time.  I used Cascade Magnum in Doe Skin.  I think the hand crochet blanket would still look lovely with three strands, but I wanted mine extra big and chunky.

The one downside is that it takes even more yarn that hand crochet blanket pattern

I love how it looks stretched across my white bed, but I must admit, it’s spending most of it’s time in the living room with the kids fighting over it first thing in the morning.

hand crochet blanket pattern

I love how stable and structural the fabric is. I adore the vertical lines and the seeming intricacy of the stitches, which actually are so simple to make!  You know you’ve been wanting a chunky blanket this winter, and it’s not too late to make this one. You will be all the envy at the spring baseball, lax, soccer games with this stretched across your lap! I know, I know, I’ve been excited about signs of spring too, but make this blanket and you won’t be sorry you did!

The one downside is that it takes even more yarn that hand crochet blanket pattern

  1. It certainly is gorgeous!

  2. Melissa

    ohmygosh! You’re my hero! hand-crochet. It never even crossed my mind.

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    • Thanks so much! It’s one of my favorites too!

  4. Joey

    Such a beautiful blanket. I’m just starting out crocheting and wondered what fabric you use and where you buy it from? Thanks

  5. CJP

    You’re so talented! I love the look, the color and the style.
    I finally found what I like to do. I’m a beginner in Crouchet and I can’t wait to see your pattern and video.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks so much! I am so glad you are enjoying crochet and that you love the style! xo

  6. ashley thomas

    I purchased the pattern and cant wait to start! I am having trouble opening links on “how to hand crochet” though! What can i do? Says the link isnt active!

    • I just sent you the link directly. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

  7. Lucy

    Brilliant, I have slight arthritis in my hands and knitting and crochet hurt them. Really unhappy at not being able to knit anymore. I am sure I could manage this. I am going to have a go. Thank you. Lucy

    • Hi Lucy,
      Oh! this makes me so happy. I’m sure you can manage it and I hope it makes your making life better!!

  8. Suzy D

    That pattern & how it’s made is amazing!

  9. I would like to know the patterns. How can I get the instruccions to work with banda. Thanks

  10. Michelle

    Would really love to get the patterns please

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  12. Danielle

    Going to make for a friend. She wants it to be 1.5 ft by 1.5 ft. I’ve never hand crocheted before. Any ideas as to how much smaller I’ll need to make it?

    • HI Danielle, That’s the same width, so I think you’ll need to do the same number of stitches. You just will crochet fewer rows. When calculating the area, it’s about 15% smaller than mine, so it will be about that much less yarn. I think you’ll need about 850 yards (using four strands of super bulky at a time). Good luck and have fun!

  13. Marla

    When using multiple strands, do you pull from multiple skeins or do you ball up your yarn as one unit? Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Marla,
      I pull from multiple skeins at the same time. If you ball it up all at once, the yarn twists in a funny way. Have fun!

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  24. M

    I am interested in making this chunky blanket
    In a charcoal colour, and a bit larger.
    Can’t find colour range/ details on purchasing..
    Probably missed something.

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  28. Irma

    Hi, I want to make a baby blanket using your pattern, but I don’t want it too small…what adjustments if any, do I need to make?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Irma, I would just reduce the number of stitches you chain at the beginning until it’s the width you’d like for a baby blanket. Maybe stop when your base measures about 32″ or so. . .

      • Irma

        Thank you for your reply. What brand of yarn did you use and where can I get it?

  29. Yasmin

    How much would it cost for the wool for this blanket?

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  33. ML Davis

    Is the doe skin chunky blanket pattern included in your book?

  34. Rhonda bartley

    Love to do this ..its so easy thank you

  35. Lillian

    Can you make this bigger to fit a double bed? I love it

    • Absolutely!!! It will look great – Just increase the number of chains to the width measurement you want.

  36. Brigitte

    This is so beautiful. It’s now been an hour of me staring at this and reading the info. I have no clue of anything regarding knitting and crocheting, so I am a little lost. I can’t find this type of yarn. What is a similar one that I can use? I live in ON, Canada.

  37. Tina beachley

    Love your patterns

  38. Natalie Gilbert

    I bought the hand knit blanket kit and can not find where it went on my phone. I would appreciate any help you could give me. I am excited to look at the pattern and try to make the blanket.

    • Hi Natalie, You bought the pattern? You should email me at flaxandtwine @ gmail.com and then I can send you off a new copy of the pattern.

  39. Colleen

    Hi, I bought the pattern and am excited to make it, however I am a complete newbie and some of the terminology used in the pdf isn’t explained. It also doesn’t say anywhere in the video or the pdf as to how long the tail is supposed to be. I also don’t know what it means to “weave in all ends”. How do I do that? There aren’t any instructions.

    • Hi Colleen, Thanks so much for writing! I’m so glad to know these things were unclear. First, the tail should be about 6-8 inches or so, enough length so that you can tuck it in when you’re all done. “weave in all ends” just means to take the end, or the tail, and tuck it or weave it in to the fabric of the blanket. You do this by feeding the tail under a stitch close to where the tail comes out, then feed it under another bit, then under another bit, etc. until there is no more left. There aren’t any hard and fast rules for how or where you tuck it in/ weave, you just want to hide it in the stitches if you can. To do this, I tend to follow the path of yarn in the stitch, tucking and weaving about 6 inches or so. Then you can cut the rest of it off. Does this make more sense now?

      • Colleen

        Thanks! Disregard the email I sent with the same question lol! I was just antsy to get started 🙂 Thanks Anne!!

  40. Faye Garris

    I sure would love to know how to do the hand type

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  42. Deborah

    I love this blanket. I would love to learn how to hand crochet it.

  43. Jennifer

    I never knit, sewed, crocheted or the like- ever. But this is just so beautiful I want to attempt it! Do you think I could without any experience?

    • Hi Jennifer! I think you totally can. Crochet is easy to pick up and very easy when you hand/arm crochet. I’m so glad you like it so much! I have a great video so you can see exactly how to do it!

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  46. Alyssa

    I haven’t crocheted in a very long time, and I can’t wait to maybe use this as a way to get back into it! I love that you respond to everyone in the comments with questions with very clear answers. Very helpful!

    • Hi Alyssa Thanks so much for your kind words! I think you’re going to love it. Good luck and happy making!!

  47. Mona L

    It’s sooooooo terribly beautiful! I ❤️ It. Can u make one for me? For a price, of course! Kudos!!! Spectacular work.

    • HI Mona, I’m so glad you like the blanket! Here is a link to the fully made blanket if you are interested! Warmly, Anne

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  50. Melanie

    Just wondering can you wash this blanket ??

    • Hi, I would wash this blanket in cold water. Don’t agitate. Gently squeeze the water out, and lay flat to dry.

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  52. Tara

    Can you advise how to make it bigger? I’m contemplating doing it as a rug in my daughter’s room! I’m thinking 5×7?

    • Hi Tara, Sure. What you want to do is chain until you get the width you want, then continue crocheting until you get the length you want! Great idea to do it as a rug!

  53. Kathleen Clatfelter

    How big is this blanket for? What sized bed? What if I wanted to make a big blanket for like a queen bed, how big would it need to be, rows, etc? Any way to figure this out? Thanks!

    • Hi This blanket is about 36 x 42″ If you want to make it big enough for a queen size bed, you just chain until you get to the width you want and then keep going until you get the length you want. Does that make sense to you?

  54. J

    So you spent at least…$250 on a blanket?

    • Hi J,
      No, it did not cost that much. It cost around $180. There are lower cost yarn options if you are interested. Anne

  55. Kate

    I made this for my mother and law and she loves it! I love the Cascade Magnum, but it’s cost prohibitive here in Australia and I’d like to make a few more of these. I’m having trouble finding a comparably bulky yarn at a lower price point. Do you have any suggestions in terms of brands you like to use?

    • Hi Kate – It is hard to find a good appropriate super bulky yarn in Australia. You may check Love Knitting. I think they sell Cascade in Australia at a reasonable price. There are brands carried by the local craft stores here in the states that I suggest for more budget conscious buys, but I don’t think they have those in Australia.

  56. Hi Melissa! Thank you so much! I’m so excited, and was blown away when I opened the box! My kit was so beautifully packaged in its own gorgeous canvas bag! Amazing surprise, & I can’t wait to begin!

  57. Lindsey

    I have never croteched before but love this tight knit. I have looked arm knitting but don’t like how loose it is. Is there a way to make this bigger, maybe 4’x5’?

    • HI Lindsey! Thanks for commenting and asking your question. Yes, you can absolutely make this bigger. You simply chain more to get your desired width and then crochet for as long as you want. You could even make a king size blanket!

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  59. Michele

    This is a beautiful pattern. I like how full it looks with out all the loopy holes of some patterns. Is that because you used multiple strands of yarn? Does this stitch have a name? Is “Super Chunky Yarn” the same as weight 6 or 7? Thanks!

    • Thanks so much Michele. I’m so glad you like it. I think it is because of the multiple strands. It’s important to bulk up your yarn to be full enough to give you a full fabric. It is at the very edge of 6 weight yarn – super bulky. If you use a jumbo yarn, I recommend three strands. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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