Giant Knit Bunny

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

I’ve been keeping this giant knit bunny under wraps since last spring. Hard to do! I have been so eager to share it with you! Who doesn’t want to gallop away on a giant knit bunny? Am I right?

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

I’m so thrilled to have this arm knitting project shared on the pages of Sweet Paul Magazine this spring.  It has been a goal of mine for a long time to be included there as I think Paul has an amazing and cutting edge creative eye! He is very talented and I am honored to be a contributor. Of course, the pages are filled with lots of stunning creative eye candy and gorgeous photographs, so go get yourself the latest copy.

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

Giant Knit Bunny

If you’ve fallen in love with this arm knit giant knit bunny, which I’m sure you have, I have you covered if you want to make one for yourself! You can access the pattern for free on Sweet Paul. But if you’d support me by buying a pattern, I’d be ever so grateful!

PATTERN for both large and small bunny AVAILABLE HERE


If you want to learn how to arm knit first (easy to do and a good idea, too!), use my How To Arm Knit PDF to start.

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

The photo shoot took place last March at the gorgeous home of Merrilee Liddiard. I took all the photos for the spread, and Brittany Jepsen from House that Lars Built  styled the shoot (she also styled about 1/2 of my book, Knitting Without Needles) and made the fabulous giant carrot easter basket above of course!

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

Merrillee’s daughter was the star of the show and was just about the best darn model you ever did see.  I will tell you that I was forced to leave the bunnies there as payment for location (not really), but after seeing M play with the giant knit bunny, how could I not??

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

I hope you love this whimsical large idea of mine! The kiddos in your life will never forget these amazing companions if you make one!  The best thing is that they take only a few hours to knit and put together.

Fabulous giant knit bunny!

If you are making this bunny for kiddos under three, please replace the button eyes with something embroidered instead.

Fabulous giant knit bunny!!

If this makes your mind spin about some other animal you want giant and ride-able, let me know below, and I’ll see if I can make the giant stuffed animal from your dreams come true!!  Lots of love!!

  1. Pat Schwab

    Hi Anne, I just saw your adorable bunnies over on Brittany’s site. They are the cutest. Pat S

    • Thanks Cintia – I know Little M was so completely adorable!!

  2. Beth Diiorio

    Hi Anne,
    You are truly inspiring! I am SO excited to try your projects. Just purchased the patterns for the Arm Knit Bunny and the Basket Weave Blanket. Thanks again for sharing .
    Beth 🙂

  3. Amysue

    I must make this… But a hedgehog would be fun!

    • A hedgehog would be ADORABLE!!! Hmm . . . you have me thinking, AmySue!

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  5. Barbara W

    I tried to download this pattern from the Sweet Paul site.. I didn’t see a download option on Isuus when I clicked on the pic.

    • Barbara W

      Issuu…sorry about the spelling

    • I think there is a separate place to click. Not on the photo itself but in the text below.

  6. How much would it cost for you to make this for a little person I know?

  7. Lauren

    Hi I was wondering if you make these and post? I am not great with crafts and was hoping to buy 3 of them fully made if that is possible?

  8. Melissa

    Adorable! This is such a cute idea, can’t wait to try it! I’d love to see a turtle 🙂

  9. sue

    Just purchased book and can’t wait to get started on bunnie but a turtle would be amazing pleeeease!

    • great!! Thanks so much. Will think about the turtle 🙂

  10. Amy

    Love the Giants rideable bunnies so much. What about a bear?

  11. Kathy H

    Precious and adorable! Any chance at all of this wonderful pattern being “translated” into a crochet pattern? Love your Blog!

    • I would love to do that! It would be awesome!

  12. nay

    So any best hints with joining the yarn whilst knitting the bunny

    • Yes, I join the lengths of yarn with a sliding knot. It’s a great way to join two lengths of yarn. If the lengths of the four strands you are working with are at different places, the singular knots are hidden well in the mass of the other three.

  13. Shian

    I bought the prints and made them but my holes between the rows were huge. Did I do something wrong? Your stitches look much tighter. I worry it would be unsafe for kids with my current end result.

    • Hi Shian, Thanks so much for leaving a comment. It could have to do with your tension. It will help to keep your stitches as tight as possible. Here are my suggestions:

      The first thing that is important is to keep your hands close together as you knit. Do you pull your arms apart when you’re actually making the stitch? Sometimes you can grab the working yarn close to your hand and then pull your arms apart from each other as you are making the stitch or as you go to get the working yarn for the next stitch. Try to grab the working yarn close to the last stitch you made, but also keep your hands/wrists/arms close together as you pull the new stitch.

      The next thing to think about is that the last stitch you made won’t actually lock down tight, but the one you made just before it can tighten. So as you arm knit, think about tightening the prior stitch to the one you’re currently knitting so that it is snug to your wrist. Each time, concentrate on tightening the one before the one you just made by snugging up the working yarn.

      Lastly, you can always manually tighten your arm knit stitches by starting at the second from the beginning stitch on the stitches you’ve just made (close to your elbow). If you’ve been orienting the stitches correctly (not everyone does this), you can pull the working yarn snug against your arm from the leg of the stitch that is behind your arm. Pull on that, then move to the next stitch and pull on the back leg of that one. Continue to tighten each stitch against your arm as you move towards the stitch closest to your hand. As you tighten, the excess yarn will come with you towards the working yarn at your hand.

      • portia

        Hello there! I made this bunny last month and even with following your instructions for keeping the tension tight, the loops were very loose. I’m at a loss on how to get it to look more like the one in the picture. Do you by chance have a video of you arm knitting?

        • Hi! I’m so sorry that you’re having trouble. If you click on the Creativebug videos in the right hand side bar, you can find my videos there. You can do a free 14-day trial to see if you like them. Good luck!

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  15. Trinh

    Hi, the kit for the small bunny on your site includes the cascade magnum but your instructions indicated you used Blue Sky bulky. Is the small rabbit pictured made with blue sky porcupine or cascade magnum doeskin?

    • Hi Trinh! Very perceptive of you!! I forgot that I had done the little bunny in Blue Sky Bulky. The one pictured is in that. Though the colors and texture of the two different yarns (cascade and blue sky bulky) are VERY similar. The kits include Cascade Magnum as that’s who I have a wholesale account with.

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  18. sue

    Would you be able to adapt this pattern to do on large chunky needles?

    • Yes, you can. The biggest difference between arm knitting and traditional knitting is that you never turn it around. As such, you have to reverse the directions on every other row.

  19. Susan

    Oh my I love this bunny. How about a dragon for my boys?

    • I am so glad you like the pattern! A dragon is a great idea!!

  20. Nell

    Saw one of these on Amazon ! Little did I know that this handy work is much better than the one I purchased for my sis. 🙁

  21. Lizette Kritzinger

    Hi Anne,

    I LOVE your Arm Knit Bunny. What about doing a French Bulldog – I have one and he is the love of my life!

    I have knitted and crocheted aa a kid but never as an adult. I am definitely going to try making the Bunny for my godchild. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Kind Regards

    • Hi Lizette! oh my! that would be the cute!! I hope your godchild loves the bunny!! xo

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  23. These are awesome! I’d never have thought to use arm knitting for something like this – what a clever idea. xx

  24. Ellie

    I love this bunny and I’m trying to make it for my daughter’s first Christmas present! I bought Doeskin Heather yarn and I’m having trouble finding something of the same color to stuff the body and the head. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you!

    • HI Ellie, Thanks so much for writing! I understand your frustration. Honestly, that’s why I like doing cream, because you can just use natural quilt batting. For the Doe Skin, I would end up going to a fabric store and finding fabric in the color of the yarn, and making some super simple pillow sacks for stuffing. Alternatively, You can find an inexpensive comforter set in the color of your yarn and use that for filling. I like to go to target or look online at Amazon for this. Let me know how it goes. Your daughter is going to love it!! What an incredible gift!!

      • Ellie

        Thanks, Anne! I’ll probably go the fabric store route just because it’s hard to match colors online. I really like the cream color one that you made but our dog sheds so much and she has black fur, so I went for the Doeskin to mask it.

        Is there a recommended pillow size for the head to get it shaped the way yours is? Thanks again!

        • I understand loving white but feeling the need to do something more practical. I should do a video on how to match with other colors etc. Honestly, I would buy quilting batting and make a pouch with the fabric you buy and stitch it up simply filled with the batting. That way you can customize the size to fit your knitting perfectly! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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  26. BObbie

    What about a unicorn? I have a request for a giant stuffed unicorn and this would be amazing!!

    • That would be awesome!! great idea!

  27. Nicole

    I was wondering if I could use the Bernat Mega Bulky yarn instead?

    If so would I still use 4 strands?

    • Hi Nicole, If you use Mega Bulky, you could probably use 3 strands and have it work well! If it’s too loose for your taste, just add another strand in!

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  29. mary roddey

    I just found your page and fell in love with your designs….I have yet though to decide on one and get it started, although a friend of mine and I hit MICHEALS and got 20 skeins of Bernat and Super chunky yarn that was normally $10 a skein for $4, sooo I now have gads of yarn…I bought your book in hopes that the BUNNY CUSHION would be in it as I really wanted to make that first. I also saw the carry BUNNY, I have a two year old granddaughter diva…..I really wanted to make…so will this be in your second book? I’m really anxious to make for EASTER. will it be included and earn will it be published?
    Your patterns are so clean in design….I love this first book!
    thank you,

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  32. Alicia

    Im in love with this giant bunny! May I share one of your pictures in the Easter arts and crafts compilation blog post I am putting together? I would of course link back to your post!

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