Knitting Without Needles: The Great American Pouf Tour

pouf and stool-2

I can’t tell you how thrilling it has been for me watch word of Knitting Without Needles start to spread, and the fun has just begun! Now is the time to tell you about a very exciting tour I have put together for the book.  I am honored and humbled by the people who have agreed to participate and share with you their favorite projects from the book.

At the same time, we’re going to throw the spotlight on one of my favorite, and frankly, easiest projects from the book–the Grand Pouf!  I got this wild idea that everyone deserves a lofty and luscious pouf in their studio or home, and The Great American Pouf Tour was born.  As I write, poufs are traveling the country making the homes and studios of these wonderful bloggers cozy and comfy!

Fabulous Floor POuf

For the tour, I gathered bloggers of all types: DIY, food, design, art, crochet, knitting, lifestyle, and craft, to share the book and the pouf with their readers as I think this book is for folks of all types and ages. Whether you’re a failed knitter, an expert knitter, a crafter, a maker, a DIY-er, a baker, or just someone with really great taste, you can do this!

Without further ado, I am honored and over the moon to share with you the list of tour stops that my sweet, little book is traveling to on The Great American* Pouf Tour! (*plus a bonus stop in Canada)


I absolutely adore seeing those hearts speckled across the country–makes my own heart swell.  The bloggers that are sharing my book are some of my favorites in the whole world, and they are fabulous people to boot!  Here is a list with links below, so you can click away.  I’ll replace the general links with links to the specific Great American Pouf Tour posts as we go.

9/23  Gabrielle Blair | Design Mom
9/25  Lisa Congdon | Today Is Going To Be Awesome
9/28  Brittany Jepsen | The House That Lars Built
9/30  Erin Souder | House of Earnest
10/2  Susan B Anderson | Susan B. Anderson Blog
10/5  Victoria Smith | SF Girl By Bay
10/7  Melissa Coleman | The Faux Martha
10/9  Mari Richards | Small for Big
10/12  Shannon Cook | Very Shannon
10/14  Delia Randall | Delia Creates
10/19 Caitlin & Manda | The Merry Thought
10/21 Meredith Crawford | One Sheepish Girl

A huge thanks to Purl Soho who, not only sponsored the yarn for my book, but also is sponsoring the piles of Cascade Magnum yarn required for this lovely tour. Thank you.

Fabulous Floor Pouf

Just a little side note on the pouf, I just got back from teaching 20 students how to arm knit and to make the pouf from the book at Squam Art Workshop. Out of those 20 students, only 4 of them had ever knit before, and every one of them finished a gorgeous pouf. That, to me, is one of the most important things about the book–anyone can make beautiful things with yarn.  So don’t stop here, but get a copy, and start pouf-ing!

  1. Erika

    I LOVE that pouf!! I need to make one! Does the book say how you should stuff it? Is it sturdy enough to sit on? Can’t wait for the book!

    • Thanks so much, Erika! Yes, the book describes how to stuff it. I like to use Alternative Down Comforters in the color of your yarn – you can find them at Amazon or Target fairly cheaply. If you want it sturdy enough to sit on, I would stuff it with firmer stuff. I have one with a pillow in the middle with a polyester one around it and its pretty poufy and firm at the same time.

  2. Mel

    Maybe I’m an idiot…but where does it say how to attend one of these? I see the date in my city but no links to location, time, how to rsvp, etc

    • Hi Mel! I’m so sorry this was confusing. This is an online tour! A blog tour. I thought it would be fun to have the map to see where the poufs I’m sending are going, but I think I’ve managed to confuse things. Where do you live? I’d love to plan some in person tours!

  3. Miki

    You’re coming to Provo?!? Will you be teaching a pouf workshop or just promoting the book? Such a cool project!!!

    • Hi Miki! Unfortunately, this is a virtual tour! I wish I could travel to all these lovely places. I have a physical tour in the works that will be out soon. I think including a map has thrown everyone for a loop. Only my poufs get to go . . . I will try to schedule something in Provo this winter!

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