Woven Hula Hoop Rug

hula hoop woven rug -8554-2

You know when you get that warm glow in your chest when you’ve accomplished something that’s always been on your wish list? Well, I’m prouder than punch today to say that I have a project in the latest issue of Mollie Makes.  I’m so excited to share this woven hula hoop rug with you today.

hula hoop woven rug -8664

The woven hula hoop rug was such a joy to make. This project makes it easy to catch the weaving bug.  I love that with something as simple as a hula hoop and some t-shirt yarn, you can make a full size floor rug!  Plus, you get to improvise with color and different weaving techniques along the way.

hula hoop woven rug -8554

This would be a great project to do with the kiddos or a great making project to keep for your very own. In the magazine article in Mollie Makes, you’ll find detailed step-by-step photos, so it’s all easy to do. For a preview of the other gorgeous things from the magazine, click here!


Mollie Makes is a lifestyle magazine for those who live creatively. They bring you the latest crafting trends in easy-to-follow how-tos. They encourage you to adapt and share your own crafty spin on things, which I love!  You’ll find lots of insider tips and discover new, fabulous designers.  You can download the ipad version of the magazine here or subscribe here.

hula hoop woven rug -8624

Go find the latest magazine in your local book store and give it a go.

  1. lyn lewis

    Thats a far more sensible idea for a hula hoop lol and a grea finish :

    • Lol, at my age, I agree with you! Thank you!

  2. Louise

    So pleased for you! I tried your hula hoop weaving and finger knitting with the kids at school and they are both very addictive!!

    • Thanks Louise! I’m so glad you did that project – It’s so much fun, isn’t it??

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  5. marisa

    so how do I get the pattern to do this?

    • Hi Marisa,
      You can get the pattern in the latest issue of Mollie Makes Magazine. You’ll find it on craft magazine stands (like Barnes & Noble) for another week. After that, you can go to Mollie Makes’ websites and order back issues!
      Have fun!

  6. joana

    (i’me sorry, i am portuguese, sorry for some mistakes)
    i’ve tried to do this, but mine wasn’t so flat, it began to form some waves… i’ve tried to do it all over again, but it haven’t worked anyway.. can you give me a clue?

    • Hi Joana,
      If yours is bunching up, try weaving more loosely. Its counter intuitive, but its bunching because your outer rings are too tight.

  7. Anna

    HI, this is a few years old now…how do I go about getting the tutorial for this? Thanks

    • Hi Anna! You’re right! I forgot that the directions were in the magazine only. Email me at flaxandtwine at gmail, and I’ll send you some how to directions!

      • please tell me how to get directions to make this!

        • Hi Mary, If you email me at flaxandtwine at gmail dot com. I will send you directions on how to make it. I forgot that they weren’t in the post!!

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