Knitting Without Needles: Get Arm Knitting Video Tutorial and 2 Bonus Patterns with Pre-Order

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Here begins the count down! Only 12 days until the Knitting Without Needles release!!  I can’t believe this is finally happening. Writing a book is such an amazing process. I started dreaming of this book almost two years ago! Finally, it’s about to make it out into the world! YIPPEE!! On top of that excitement, I have some amazing news for you below.


First, I can’t thank YOU, my readers, enough for your stellar support of and patience with me during this process. It’s been a long road and I haven’t been as present here on the blog as I would have liked.

Now, as a special thank you to you and to any new supporters, I have an incredible bonus for you! These two projects below are not in the book, but . . .

easy finger knit plant holder-DIY to make this lovely finger knit bracelet!

Order the book BEFORE September 1st and I will send you:

1) Bonus Pattern for the fab plant hanger  (pillow pattern is in the book)!
2) Bonus Pattern for the lovely bracelet!
3) A Pattern and Arm Knitting VIDEO TUTORIAL of ME teaching you through how to make that adorable, cheery pom-pom hat!

The video is such a great companion for the book because I show you a few techniques that apply to a number of the patterns. The bracelet and plant hanger patterns are totally exclusive for the early book buyers!

Here are some links for where to purchase Knitting Without Needles: Amazon or Purl Soho or or Barnes & Noble.  I can’t believe how inexpensive the book is right now, almost 40% off for pre-order. So go do it now!

Make this chunky, easy, arm knit pom pom hat!

You know you want to make this hat! This hat is incredible because you can make it in about 15 minutes once you get the hang of it. Whip out a bunch of Christmas gifts in no time. I think its adorable!

To redeem your Knitting Without Needles Bonus Offer, all you need to do is send your proof of purchase dated BEFORE September 1st to  and I will send you the bonus pdf and video link!  If you have already purchased the book, THANK YOU! Go ahead and send your receipt to that address, and you’ll get the bonus too.  I just want to shower you all with love! Thank you for being my champion!

Finger Knit wire Crowns for your little dreamers

Get ready! I’ll be back a few times over the next 12 days to share more gorgeous previews of patterns in the book, like these fab crowns on these cuties above or this luscious, floaty scarf below! I hope I’m going to blow your socks off! Start dreaming of the possibilities and go order now!

Gorgeous, floaty, arm knit tassel scarf.  Pattern available.

  1. Jules

    looks like a gorgeous collection! And I love that bracelet, is it in the book?

    • Thanks so much Jules! The bracelet is only available if you buy the book BEFORE September 1st. You receive the bracelet pattern as a part of the bonus pack. So order today (50% off on Amazon right now) and then submit your receipt to and you’ll receive it! Thanks so much for your interest!!

  2. Rebecca

    I’ve been a scarf arm-knitter for about two years but I had no idea you could ever possibly arm knit a hat! I’m preordering immediately! So excited!

    • Yay! You’re just the person I’m hoping to find! Have fun!!!

  3. Lynn

    i ordered your book, very excited about that. However the url you list for the free patterns doesn’t work. Please send me a new one. Thanks

    • Hi Lynn! That’s so great! It’s not a url but an email address. Please send a copy of your receipt to If they don’t send it to you by Monday afternoon, let me know. I think they fill the bonus orders manually (and the person is out of the office today) so there might be a lull over the weekend.

  4. Arm knitting is all the rage, and it’s no surprise! It’s a quick and easy way to make warm and cozy winter accessories.

  5. Amaya

    How does one get their hands on the arm knitting hat pattern if they purchased after Sept 1?

    • HI Amaya! The hat pattern is actually in the book, but you won’t get the video bonus. I’m so sorry. If you ever have the chance to see me in person, I’m allowed to give you the code for the video then, otherwise, it’s just for those that pre-ordered. Do you live in NY, Boston, Baltimore, or San Francisco?

      • AMAYA

        Oh, ok! I’ll just have to hold of until my books comes in the mail.
        Thank you for getting back to me. No, I live wayyyyyy in the Pacific NW but thank you.

        • Okay – if you have trouble, let me know and I’ll find a way to get it to you!

      • Piper

        Hiiii!! Just came across this post and I’m waaaay past the pre-order date but I do live in Baltimore. Is it possible to still get the video?? I’m a visual learner and the video would be great! I’ve never seen an arm knit hat before.

        • Hi! Thanks so much for your interest in arm knitting! especially the hat. Do you own the book? I’m so sorry, but can only send the video to someone that has purchased my book.

          • Piper

            I purchased on Amazon last month!! Do you need anything to confirm the purchase?

          • Hi! The bonus was only a pre-order offer. I’m so glad you bought the book though. If you email me directly at flaxndtwine at gmail dot com, I can see if I can get the video to you!
            Thanks for your support!!

  6. Joanna Bullimore

    I’ve just bought the book and I absolutely love it!!! I want to make the pouff but have only managed a scarf so far but it’s definitely going to keep me busy with cool projects in my maternity leave.

    Thank you! All the way from London, UK.

    • Hi Joanna! Thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad you love it. Enjoy and have fun getting with your new baby! xo

  7. OMG!! This is your version of the hat I made and shared with you on Pinterest!! How awesome is that!?!

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