Golden Hearts DIY Valentine Jewelry

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Allie and I wanted to craft up some sweet DIY valentine jewelry this month. We did just that. I am addicted to using paper punches on balsa wood and this project was no exception. With so many punches to choose from these days, you always have adorable wooden shapes at your fingertips.

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Honestly, I love DIY valentines jewelry.  I adore the thought that I can run around with a little piece of Allie love with me and she with mine! We developed a whole line together.  Some for me and some for her.  A necklace and a ring and a couple of bracelets. The possibilities are endless.

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Of course, you can add fittings, jump rings and jewelry closures to give these pieces more of a finished look, but Allie and I just tied ’em on and went about our merry way.

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Which is your favorite?

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I pretty much dig the ring.  I haven’t taken it off since!

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Allie took all the photos of me – I think she did a great job.  Whip a few of these up this weekend. They’re super easy to do!

DIY Golden Heart Valentine Jewelry

MS Metallic Craft Paint
MS Crafts Punch Heart Confetti
DMC Pearl Cotton Thread
Craft glue
1/16″ by 3″ Balsa Wood

diy valentine heart jewelry

Punch hearts from balsa wood.  Leave the shapes natural or paint with gold metallic paint.  Smooth any rough edges and paint sides.

wooden hearts-5433

Apply glue to one side of one heart.  Place heart on one side of the thread.  Let the thread settle into the glue in the middle of the shape. Apply glue to one side of  another heart.

wooden hearts-5437

Sandwich two of the wooden hearts together with the cotton thread in between. Let the glue set. Touch up with gold paint as needed.

diy heart jewelry

I have to say that I enjoy Valentines Day a lot more when I make something for my guys.  Placing all my love into something I’ve made and knowing they can carry it with them means so much more to me (and likely them) all the way around.

wooden hearts-5473

Happy weekend, happy hearts, and happy dreaming!

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  1. My first thought when looking at those pictures is “It’s too cute to be real”. And it looks simple too. Thank you for your detailed tutorial (that makes it look simple to me). Thank for sharing your bonding time with your little girl too. It makes me want to create more bonding time between my little boy (who will turn 2 soon) and me as well.
    Happy Hearts back <3
    -Huong Tran-

    • Hi Huong! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! We had a ball! Hope you have lots of crafty bonding time ahead of you with your son.

  2. Very sweet projects and I love that your daughter was involved. Kudos to her photography skills!

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