DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Tassels

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

Looking for a little last minute holiday fun? Whip up these adorable tissue paper fringe tassels in a heartbeat. They are the perfect touch to a whimsical holiday deer. . . . yes, he absolutely NEEDED the tassels!

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

Or, dress up that very special package!  Man, I love Christmas.

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

This one is for my sister-in-law, who is one of my favorite people . . she arrives today!

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

Or, (do you think I could come up with 20 uses? Maybe!) use the tassels as ornaments to add something different and festive to your holiday arrangement.

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

I love these.

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

The best thing is that the tassels are a breeze to make! Especially with a fringe cutter (see below)!

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

Merry Christmas to all! This will do to for me for a handful of days. The whole family is on their way to town today.  I’m so excited!! I hope your holidays are full of light and joy and love!

DIY Tissue Paper Fringe Tassel

:: MS silver deco tissue paper
:: MS waxed twine
:: Martha Stewart fringe cutter or scissors

diy tissue paper fringe tasselsdiy tissue paper fringe tassel

:: Fold a piece of 20″ x 20″ tissue paper lengthwise and widthwise, making a 10″ square made of 4 layers. Cut the folds so that the stack has 4 individual layers.
:: Use fringe cutter or scissors to cut a 3.5 inch fringe 1/2 inch apart on one end of the folded tissue paper. Repeat on the other end.  This means that there will be 3″ of tissue paper un-cut in the middle.
:: Take two pieces of the tissue paper you’ve fringed and orient them so that the cuts are on the right and left-hand sides. Start rolling the tissue pieces in the middle where the tissue paper isn’t cut.
:: Continue to roll with your fingers, forming the tassel ends on either side of the the tissue paper roll.

diy tissue paper fringe tassel

:: Twist the uncut portion in the middle. Fold it in half so the two tassel ends are together.
:: Wrap the waxed twine around the folded part of the tassel about an inch down from the top.
:: Secure the tassel wrap with a half hitch or clove hitch over the top.  Pull tightly.
:: Thread a 6″ piece of twine through the loop. Tie an overhand knot to close the loop.

diy tissue paper fringe tassels


diy tissue paper fringe tassel

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  1. These tissue paper tassels are so simple and so stunning! I adore projects like this. The colors are super pretty too. Pinned. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you so much Katie! Merry Christmas to you!

  2. Kathryn

    Oooh, these are so simple but absolutely the perfect adornment for gifts! It’s a bit late for Christmas now but I have a lot of friends that are January babies so I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind for upcoming birthdays. Thanks for sharing!

    xx Kathryn

    • Hi Kathryn,
      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like them! xo anne

  3. my creative project to begin my day tomorrow! thanks so my lovely!!!


    • Hi! I’m so glad you did it! Thanks for letting me know!!

  4. Heidi M

    Fun! I’m going to make fringes with the tissue paper from old sewing patterns (from thrift stores) for year round use.
    Thank you for this great idea.
    A Martha fringe-cutter?! … I might need one of those.

    • Hi Heidi! Great idea to make them from old sewing patterns, I love that!

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