DIY Butternut Squash Decorations

butternut squash-3677

Here is idea two for my DIY butternut squash decorations. This is a little riff on my Crowned Easter Eggs from last year. I intended this for Halloween, but truly, these beauts ended up looking a lot more Thangsgiving-y! See how far out ahead I’m planning? Their sweet faces bring my joy.  I find them very charming!

Thanksgiving decorations

Here is one butternut squash person I did before I decided on the crowns.  He looks a little more Halloween-y, right?  A little ghost-y friend.  He only needs a little paint, but I’ll save that till tomorrow!

Halloween Butternut Squash People, Flax & Twine

DIY Crowned Butternut Squash People

Thanksgiving Decoration


10″ long vine or plant branch
Butternut squash with very pretty curves
6″ of 24 gauge wire

3 pointed leaves
Butternut squash with manly angles
Rubber cement
1′ of 24 gauge wire

Wire cutter
Black Sharpie marker

For Queen:

halloween butternut squash

Measure the vine to fit around the squash’s “head.”

halloween decoration butternut squash-3633

Using 24 gauge floral or craft wire, close the crown by twisting it around both ends together.

butternut squash-3635

Twist wire around overlapped ends a number of times and trim wire.

butternut squash-3637

For King, fit wire around circumference of squash where you want the crown to fit.

butternut squash-3641

Overlap and twist wire around itself. Trim ends.

butternut squash-3643

Fold and place a layer of clue on either side of crease.  Fold over wire.

Halloween or thanksgiving butternut squash-3650

Eee! Make sure the crowns fit.

Thanksgiving butternut squash decoration

Mark those sweet things with pretty little faces with a sharpie and Voila! Instant presto fall decor!

Apparently, adding faces to vegetables gives me some strange kick.  Happy butternut squash decorations from me to you!

  1. Kate

    These are cute, but kind of wasteful- Butternut squash are for eating, unlike carving pumpkins. I hope at least you’ll eat the squash afterwards. (They’re delicious roasted in the oven with pepper and olive oil!)

    • I’m so sorry these upset you. I will certainly eat these – I have squash bread planned for this cute couple. But if these make you squeamish, look away tomorrow, you’re not going to like what I do to them then.

  2. Emma

    These are so cute! They remind me of Barbapapa 🙂

    • Cute! I just looked them up! You are GOING to want to stay tuned in for tomorrow. LOL!

  3. Traci

    Can’t wait to see what you do with them tomorrow. ;] This made me smile.

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