Love for Alt Summit

Photo from Style Me Pretty and Landon Jacob Productions

What a whirlwind week this has been. Being at Alt was a lot of time away at a very busy time for me, but I am so glad I went. Was it exciting? Yes!  Was it filled with great information and inspiration? Yes!  Did I meet fabulous people? Absolutely! Was it a big Paaaah-tay? wooo! Was it totally overwhelming? No question!

I made a little party hat with trinkets I found at Alt!

I went there simply wanting to meet more creative folks face-to-face. Working at home alone can get lonely, you know? There were bloggers that I admire that I wanted to say hi to (Sugar + Cloth, Lovely Indeed, You Are My Fave, The House that Lars Built). There were writers whose blogs I had contributed to that I’d never actually met (Pretty Prudent, UCreate). There were people I just wanted to connect with (Krafty Kath, Small + Friendly) I felt thrilled to have that opportunity. The sheer number of people, though, was intense. Small talk is not my favorite, nor is walking up to strangers and introducing myself.  Big crowds and parties give me that ill, anxious feeling.

Did I feel less than, not far enough in my blog, not well-dressed enough, not surrounded by a bloggy crew of friends . . . a little bit.  But, did I meet an amazing group of new people that I want to keep in touch with? Absolutely. (Poppy Haus, Snowdrop and Company, Even If Nobody Reads This, Lia Griffith, Hands Occupied, Damask Love and more!) Did Alt embolden me to reach out and not only talk with an unbelievably talented someone I admire, but actually embark on a collaboration that I am over the moon about? YES!! Can’t wait to share that with you!

Party favors from Shop Sweet Lulu

I think that because I’m still busy figuring out exactly what space I want this to be and who I am in this bloggy world, it was hard to be comfy at Alt. I’m not sure that questioning and asking ever changes, whether you are teeny or a huge mega-blog.  The question of what I want to put out there in the world perpetuates. 

Party favor tatoo from Tattly

A week away from Alt though, the discomfort has transformed into a message that feels important.  Creative journeys are ever evolving. I don’t need to do everything all at once and we are all on our own path.  My own unique set of wings unfurl here at Flax & Twine, my home, in their own glorious colors. I keep working. I keep doing what I love. I keep attempting to communicate my creative vision as best I can. I continue to move towards creating a space that is beautiful and uniquely me. I am so glad you all are here with me.  It’s nice having friends along for the ride. 

  1. Thanks for the mention Anne. The feelings are mutual! It was SO great meeting you in person at Alt. It was one of my highlights. 🙂

    • anne

      It was such a pleasure to meet you, too!

  2. I was so glad we got to meet up, however briefly! Thanks so much for the kind mention. I haven’t forgotten I owe you some notes! I’ll shoot you an email soon!

  3. Heidi

    Thanks for the shout out, Anne! I loved your last paragraph, “I keep working. I keep doing what I love. I keep attempting to communicate my creative vision as best I can.”

    • anne

      Thanks Heidi!

  4. It is always interesting to hear another woman say she feels “not enough” or “less than.” I have been following your blog in my spare moments for a long while now. I love your style. I think we would be friends in real life despite the fact that I never make the time to craft or sew just for myself anymore (4 kiddos and a home based business, something had to go) and I wasn’t very good when I did, anyway. My kids are finally getting big enough to craft with me (hooray!!!), and I am always looking for things to make with them.. For the time being, I get my necessary doses of beautiful right here at flax and twine. Good luck with your book.

    • anne

      Hi Allen, thanks so much for your comment. It always amazes me that you can see that you’d be friends with someone immediately. I so get that! Thanks for reading and following along. Happy crafting with your kiddos. Make more time to make! xo anne

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