Friday Flowers

1// Alice Gao
Sandy has never been one to bring me flowers, even when I gently suggest, even when I violently prod him. Birthdays, no. Anniversaries, no. Valentines, sigh . . . no.  So, I’ve kind of given up hope. I buy myself flowers, because I love them, regardless of the fact that I have to pull out my own wallet. But, still, a girl can dream. And these beauties make my insides go gooshy.  So lovely. . . .
2// Amy Osaba
3// Tinge Floral

This is the start of a new series.  I will bring you lovely flowers, some inspirational, some bought and assembled here, some growing beautifully outside. We’ll see how it develops. But I pretty much know, we all enjoy ’em which ever way they come.  Now, someone go text Sandy to step it up with the flowers, will you?
A happy handmade weekend to you all!

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