Head Over Heels . . . .Winter White

1) DIY Wooden Bead Wreath
2) White Sheer Blouse
3) White Pom Garland
4) White Ceramic Cookware
5) Knit Patchwork Rug
6) Pistachio Torrone

It doesn’t really matter what time of year it is, I love white. The holidays make me fall in love with it even further. Winter white feels luxurious, luscious and lovely. Pristine as new fallen snow, but warm,  the feel of it makes me hum. Do you like white? Or, do you lean towards needing color in the winter months?

  1. I love the idea of white, but Im too messy to have much of it around me! Love that rug though!

    • anne

      I know Charlotte – my dream is a winter white coat but I fear that would be an absolute disaster.

  2. I used to think white looked too chilly in the winter, but lately I’ve embraced it. Even bought some beautiful white-on-white polka dot wrapping paper yesterday!

    • anne

      Yay Ann – yes, I can’t help but love it. Once you get turned on to it, it’s hard to turn it off!

  3. I love white but generally satisfy myself with white walls and trim. LOVE that rug but it would be dirty within an afternoon with my husband and dog. 😀

    • anne

      yes – white things around here don’t stay clean for long- how I would love a cream couch, but alas . . .

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