Head over Heels . . .

These beauties all crossed my path in the last week or so.  I love the coral, oranges and pinks, but it struck me how well these colors look with either white or black. Though I tend towards light and white, for sure, I must say that I am enamored of the dark side here.  Hmmm. What do you think?
1) Paper Punch Flowers by Damask Love
2) Alex Perry Dress as seen on Pony Ryder
3) Indonesian Print Image from Dreamstime
4) Flower Still Life as seen on Small Stump and Studio Choo
5) Aula Aila Panel Flower Maxi
6) Painting by Yolanda Sanchez

Eager for some more? Try these:

Dark Side:
Lisa Congdon Wedding Invite
Floral Chalkboard Tags from Terrain
Fall In Love Art Print by the First Snow

Light Side:
Rifle Floral iPhone Case
Kids White Crochet Sweater over Coral Tank
Kids Coral Scalloped Maryjanes

I’ve been nutty working on some deadlines, but I have some beautiful things to show you coming up ;).  I have a new tutorial for you, too.  Get your needle and thread out, it’s a humdinger!
xo anne

  1. I can’t resist playing detective on internet, when it comes to finding the origin of an image or photo (which I like, and I like the dress as well!)
    Here’s what I found:

    It’s a dress from Aula Aila (I didn’t look up who or what that is), costs €255 (¥33,600) – website: hfm.co.jp The website gives a 404 but ofcourse you knew that.

    As I am about to enter two more links in this text I split the comment up, as it probably ends up in your spamfilter if I add another link.

    • anne

      Oh my, thank you thank you thank you. This is awesome. I didn’t know that about google images. I hate not knowing where an image comes from so this is fabulous. I will update my pinterest link as well as this one. Thank you!

  2. Also an article about them, that confirms it’s from that brand (the article doesn’t show the dress, but a poncho with similar print)

    I used Google images to find more hits on the image, and used google translate to translate some spanish and japanese websites, but found the name on the polyvore site.

    Linkt to google images https://encrypted.google.com/imghp

    Drag and drop the photo of the dress (not your composed image, but of the dress alone) and add “Aula aila” as description, you’ll see other clothes with the same print then.

    I am not a huge fan of google (it’s a privacy thing), but I do use their products. And this is how I was able to find the creator of several products (art, photo’s, etc) I liked on pinterest. It does require a bit of time to check links though. Any more mysterious images you’d like to know the origin of?

    Please, if you’ve pinned it on Pinterest, add the name of the designer 🙂

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