Head Over Heels . . . the Romantic Child

1) Tutu du Monde Peek-a-Boo Cape from Thumbeline
2) i like you via from Kristina Miletieva. Illustration by Katie Daisy
3) Floral Dress via from Ainara Perez-Solero
4) Girls Camel Coat as photographed by Maruska
5) Felt Stuffed Mouse from Atelier Pompadour
6) Shoes via Chloe Ward from Tumblr (argh – anyone know the real source?)
7) Miller’s Marigold Dress from Elias & Grace

I’ve been so taken with the sweet, romantic baby girl lovelies that have been floating past me lately. They beckon a day long since past, yet bring that peaceful, sun-filled-meadow feeling right into the here and now. These are the things that made me long for a baby girl. Who, in the end, isn’t all that peaceful–more feisty, firey and fierce, which is fabulous in itself.  I can still revel in these sweet pieces and do every chance I get, even without another baby.  Which is your favorite?

  1. I kinda want a pair of those shoes in my size…

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