French Press Slippers–a finish fifty project

I am very excited to have finished these. Yay! These slippers fill me with sunshine on this dreary day.

I began these fun, felted slippers last year at Squam when I met the ever lovely and talented Melynda Bernardi.  Melynda designs under the name French Press Knits, where you can find all sorts of lovelies, including the pattern for the slippers, my favorite little leg-warmers, this adorable hat/cowl combo, and more.  The slippers themselves are a quick knit, perfect for a Saturday afternoon project. The pattern is easy to follow, and don’t let the felting scare you. It’s very doable. When we finished felting the slippers, the pieces still had to dry overnight, hence their departure in an unfinished state.

Below are the lonely, albeit cheery, contents of the bin from the Finish Fifty stack.

It is embarrassing to think that it took 9 months and my starting the finish fifty effort in order to clip a couple holes, attach some tabs and sew two buttons, but there you have it.  Or, have them, should I say. Cozy, form-fitting and uber-cute, what more can you ask from a pair of slippers?
I should ask myself (well, my dear friend Anne suggested I ask myself this with every project on the list, otherwise, how do we learn?), “What contributed to the unfinished state of this particular project?” Especially one that truly would take so little effort to finish? It’s so hard to say. I was probably behind when I got back from Squam. I likely felt it was necessary to tackle the 500 emails in my inbox rather than take more time to finish a project. Or, spend time on my regular work to make up for the time i was gone. Or, maybe I thought I should give my kids a hug and read them a story or something silly like that. 
They ended up hanging around my closet for a while where they fell on the floor when I unpacked. Then, they trotted on up to my craft table . . .promising . . . buuuut, at some point, I pushed them aside for some creative frenzy, where they ended up on my need-to-get-to pile. . . not good. Then, horrors, I relegated them to the plastic bin. I feel like I can hear projects calling out as I stuff them into those shoebox bins . . . “Nooooo! Not the bin, I’ll never get out! You’ll never make it back to me. Please. Oh, please! I won’t take long!”
Well, they needed only to be moved across country to be finished. 

Honestly, I think these slippers are going to be some of my favorites in this chilly, old house and especially in muddy, wet Baltimore where you really MUST take your shoes off at the door.

  1. I love the Finish Fifty Project! You’re inspiring me to “get ‘er done”. I once took an ENTIRE YEAR to weave in ends on a sweater! Sheesh! I don’t think I have 50 WIP’s, but I’m close! I may need to adopt this challenge!

    • anne

      Thanks Nat! I’m realizing as I assess my pile that so many of the projects are knitting patterns to be completed . . .hmmm. Definitely more intensive than a craft project here or there. I wish all of them were as easy to complete as the slippers 😉 Get started. Maybe I’ll start a flickr group for people to share their finished projects!

  2. Love the french press slippers! I have a pair kicking around somewhere half finished that I should dig out…. hmmmmmmm.

    • anne

      they’re great! yes, go finish them!

  3. sallyg

    Love your slippers, and your photos are beautifully composed. Hmm. Need to take a look at the stash and make a pair for myself. Your finger knitting links are so helpful, I have a class of kids who love to finger knit. Thanks! I’m coming to your from Ysolda’s class blog roll. What a super new resource for knitting inspiration.

    • anne

      Sally, What a nice comment. Do make a pair – they are ever so comfortable. Thanks for stopping by. “see” you in class!

  4. What type of camera do you use?.. 🙂

    • anne

      Isabella,Hi! I use a Canon Rebel SLR that is over 12 years old. It is the most basic of the basic. I did invest (and this is what made a huge difference)in a 50mm 1.4 aperture fixed focal length lens. The light quality it provides is amazing. I love it. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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