Easy Accordion Book – a finish fifty project

I’ve wanted to make an accordion book like this for over two years. The book definitely had a prime spot on my  Finish Fifty list. I fell in love with the art of book-making after winning a gorgeous Japanese book on A Little Hut (Thanks Patricia!). Well, add book-making to the list of skills I’d like to build upon. I wish I could tell you the title, but the book is somewhere deep in some pile of moving boxes in the basement.  This book is not technical in any way, no bone folder, or stitching – just basic stuff.
When I began brainstorming for my column in the spring issue of Discovery Girls Magazine, a great tween girls’ mag, I thought this accordion book would fit the bill for a Mother’s Day gift your tween girl could make herself.The step-by-step tutorial can be found in the latest issue, which is on stands now.   
The book is made of regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper, a cereal box, fabric scraps and ribbon. The lovely fabric is by Lizzy House for Andover Fabric.  My beautiful models are a college friend, Nina, and her daughter, Brittany.

Fill this book with ticket stubs, photos of friends, poems, doodles and more!

Make one for Mom. Make one for a kiddo. Make one for your hubby. Spread the love in a cute little bundle 😉
By the way, Baillie, my 9 year old, noted today, that I’m on pace to finish only 24 projects this year, not fifty. Hrrr!
  1. Phyllis

    I absolutely love this! Thank you for the great tutorial!

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