Mid-Make: Laar Sweater

Lately, I’ve been keeping myself busy knitting a sweater. It is Laar by Gudrun Johnston–a pattern out of The Shetland Trader.  I’m using some gorgeous Jill Draper Aurora yarn in Paprika.  Pretty, pretty.

This sweater has been in my project list for over two and a half years. It landed there after meeting Gudrun at Squam in 2011. I knew it would be a big project so it was a tad daunting. Also, because it is someone else’s pattern, it didn’t seem part of legitimate “blog work.”  I’ve decided that I need to get over that. For these reasons, I wanted this sweater to be one of the first projects I tackled in my Finish Fifty pile. A couple of MadMen Season 5 DVDs this weekend helped me make a good dent.  yay!

In all my knitting, this is only the second sweater I’ve made for ME since I was 7.  Feels rather indulgent, in a good way. What did you work on this weekend?

  1. Hi Anne,

    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now and you have given me some wonderful tips and projects to try. Your blog is one of the reasons I started my own blog late last year. Love your sweater, can’t wait to see the finished project, I must say I love the colour of that Paprika yarn! Delish!!!


    • anne

      Thanks so much Danielle. I left a comment on your cute blog!

  2. Anonymous

    It’s looking lovely. Looking forward to seeing the finished result.

  3. Emily

    Your finish-fifty project is SO inspiring. With the ways my mind and my muse work I constantly jump from project to project- sometimes between as many as three projects in an hour- so I have plenty of half-finished crafts stashed away! It’s reassuring that a) I’m not the only one and b) there is hope! I can finish something!

    Best of luck!

    • anne

      Thanks Emily! I have come to realize how many makers there are out there just like me. good luck finishing!

  4. margot

    Oh, how I love the color of that sweater! I just finished a sweater, here is my blog with a few pictures…..
    I made it for me, but my daughter has inherited it, so now I want to make a different sweater for me…..I will have to check out Madmen, never seen it, but it sounds like a good knitting show…:) Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • anne

      Thanks Margot! Nice sweater! Yes, make a new sweater for you :). Mad Men is a great way to get a LOT of knitting done. 5 Seasons worth should keep you going for a while.

  5. Love that colour! Sounds like you deserve a sweater for yourself!

    • anne

      Thanks Gudrun! I definitely think that it’s about time!

  6. AlexisfromTexas

    Okay, you’ve UFO-shamed me into finishing one of my lingering projects. Thanks for the kick! Love your yarn. Please show us pics when it’s finished.

    • anne

      No shame! Just satisfaction when you’re done. Will certainly post when I’m done – must count it towards the 50!

  7. I recognize that yarn. 😉

    It’s about time you made something big for yourself!!! xoxox

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