Mid-Make 2.25.2013

Today, I am working with these materials. I was planning on doing an upcoming hoop earring DIY in neon pink and black (that was what was on my list, anyway), but somehow when I went to my tub of embroidery thread to pick out colors, this is what came up. I love these colors together. Was I inadvertently inspired by this?  Just a teaser today, though, tutorial coming up this week.
Sandy has been at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis for the past week–which is where the college players go to prove themselves worthy of a high pick in the draft. It was just me and the kiddos this weekend. We had a lovely, rainy, muddy hike together on Saturday and found this stone along the way. To me, this photo captures our imperfect march towards our new and different life here in Baltimore, one in which Sandy/Daddy isn’t around as much as we are used to. We are navigating and muddling our way through, though. Yes, it will be a little mucky, but the four of us, at least we are doing it together.
I hope you all had a happy weekend.  Here’s to a productive week!

  1. I love those colors together also! Looking forward to your project.

  2. embroidery thread colors are always a sure way to cheer up my day!

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