Head Over Heels . . . Pretty Pastels

Pretty Pastels:
1) Pastel Dining Room from Moody’s Home; Photo from Avotakka
2) Pastel Thumbtack DIY  from Modcloth
3) Pastel Pigment Collar from JewelMint
4) Color dipped Marshmallows from Idlewife
5) Kisslock Crochet Coin Purse Pattern by Maker Mama
6) Paper Moon from Paper Moon Illustration

Some say the trend is already over, but I’m still loving it, especially with the spring coming on!  What about you?  Do you dig these delicate hues?

  1. Cathy S

    Yes, I love them. They remind me of the “First Light” pattern collection featured in the latest Knitpicks catalog I received the other day.

  2. I don’t care what people say about them going out of fashion they are perfect for spring even though Spring isn’t till the end of the year here but I’ll be using them for Easter which is just as perfect! I love pastels and so should everyone – GO PASTELS!!! 😀


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