Head Over Heels for . . .

1) El Rey Hobo bag by Free People
2) Alpaca Boa Jacket by Antena
3) Leg Slouchers (free knitting pattern) on Petite Purls by Melynda Bernardi
4) Throw Pillows shot by Petra Bindel for MUUTO
5) Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt (free quilt pattern) by see kate sew
6) Tasseled Voile Circle Scarf by Diane Von Furstenberg for Net-A-Porter

I admit it, I’ve become a Pinterest-aholic. I spend more than my fair share of time perusing images there. Pinterest has truly become my junk tv (yes, at least an hour a day), except that I find it so much more inspirational. I just love to look and look and look. All the color, line, texture and imagery feeds me. I just have to be careful to not be dragged into the comparison blues. Used in the right way, Pinterest becomes a tool to shape your aesthetic and fine tune your creative voice. I’m starting a new series to share some of the beautiful objects, tutorials, patterns and trends I’m seeing. It’s called Head Over Heels.  Enjoy!

  1. Love this combo. I’ve found that almost all the clothes I’ve bought lately are coral. But I’m addicted to coral and navy…

  2. I love this color palette! (That coat is adorable.) I’ve started using Pinterest more lately, too, and I agree — it can be a great source of inspiration. I stare at these beautiful pictures of textiles and knitted items and want to go pick up my knitting needles, or at the very least feel soothed and happy from looking at such gorgeous stuff. I have a friend who likes to make fun of Pinterest, but I think it’s really useful — it’s not all diets and recipes I’ll never make!

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