Finger Knitting How-To Kits

I have been surprised at the overwhelming popularity of my finger knitting posts.  I’ve been emailed and asked so many things about finger knitting that it is clear there are not a lot of good resources out there. One of the biggest requests is for a pdf of the instructions. Well, it’s done. I created these sweet, little finger-knitting kits available in my shop and just perfect for spending time with your little ones this winter break.  

UPDATE:  The stand-alone PDF is also now available in the shop.  

 Each kit comes with the finger-knitting pdf, a ball of cozy lion’s brand wool thick & quick, a reusable project bag and a list of links to great finger-knitting projects.

I donated this actual kit to the kid’s winter school auction last month. This kit is ideal to keep in reserve for a snow day or to bring as a gift with you for a visit with family or friends with young kids.Though you can find these kits in my etsy shop, if you’d rather, you can go straight to the finger knitting how-to post and do it up straight from the computer.  I know most folks think finger-knitting is just for kids, but really, it is just as relaxing and therapeutic to finger-knit as it is to knit with needles.  So truly, give it a whirl if you get a chance.
May you have miles and miles of finger-knitting and busy fingers in front of you.  For ideas on what to make with all your finger-knitting, try this gallery of 5 Fabulous Finger Knit Projects!

  1. Anonymous

    Hi, just started finger knitting myself and I think this kit is such a cute idea, I think it’s nice to give kids presents that actually make them do something, a lot of the cheap plastic toys they get now days just don’t have that extra touch!

  2. Bobi Porras

    I love finger knitting but my fingers get sore.
    Is there a kit that replaces fingers?

    • Hi bobi, I’m so sorry to hear that your fingers get sore. I don’t have a kit with any sort of loom. You can try to do it on board with four nails and knit just like you would on your fingers. If you do it this way, using a crochet hook helps to pull the strands over one another. Sometimes it can be the yarn or material you are using. Is it difficult to pull what you are knitting with over your fingers?

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