What Do You Desire?

Photo by Whitney Wasson

I have been struggling to find time to post to my blog. I hope my readers hang in there, as I have so many beautiful handmade works and projects to share with you. Since the move, though, the number of things happening here with the kids and my work and all that has to be done with this new house overwhelm my free time. I prioritize my family, then my job (which is part time). My creative life and my blog take up whatever time is left over, which has been minimal to say the least. I’m not sure if I truly have less time than I did when I was in Boulder, or if its partly just the emotional toll that moving across the country takes after being in one place for twelve years. Whatever it is, all the extra “oomph” I usually have has been sapped out of me.  I’ve been looking for it–it’s like its packed away somewhere in the pile of boxes in the basement, maybe with all the yarn I am sure I had that I can’t find.

But, I’m feeling a changing tide, or at least some increased velocity in this whirlpool I’m in.  I’m thinking it just might spit me back into the flow of life soon. Sometimes, I think we all need something to come along and remind us of what we really want out of life.

My mother sent me this video the other day and it inspired me so much, I watched it five times.  When I hear Alan Watts speak, he makes me happy.  He makes me believe that all things are possible. Not only are they possible, but that it is truly essential to pursue what you love, and the life that you want will and can happen.

Here are some of his essential questions:

What would you like to do if money were no object?

How would you REALLY enjoy spending your life?

What do you desire?

He states: “Better to have a short life that is FULL of what you like doing than a LONG life spent a miserable way.

But please take the three minutes to watch this video, you’ll be glad that you did.

I think I need to find the faith to simply “dive in” to a life in which creativity is my focus and my career.  Thinking on this reminds me of the post I did a couple of months ago on open-ended creativity when I worked embroidery and paint into an empty piece of cloth (below). Creating something out of nothing is scary because you don’t know what it will look like or even where to start sometimes. Or, once you have started, perhaps you get to a part where you are stuck and you don’t like it and something feels “not right.” But if you get back to creating your work with a little of what you like and build on it with more, it almost always works out.

So, I’m going to take this minor slow down over the last five months as a brief hiatus on my path to the creative life that I want. I am going to take the time to ponder Watt’s essential question: “What do you desire?” Won’t you think on it with me?

  1. Palak

    of course we’ll hang in there! I think all mom’s have similar priorities to you. Looking forward to seeing more from you…. whenever you have time.

  2. Hi Anne,

    Right there with you. I had to slow down with my blog and creative crafty projects a bit when I took a full-time job in May. It’s not easy to be a mom, wife, career woman, friend, sister, daughter and find time to be creative (and shower). However, I hope one day too that my career will be what I desire which is to be able to be creative and inspire others to be creative and crafty in their own life. Great post.

  3. Destri

    I LOVE that video. and I love your writing :). I have talked to my husband about this a lot lately, and he just can’t wrap his head around it. He is an engineer, so that says a lot. But really – I am even to a point that I don’t want to send my kids to school. I used to think those “un-schoolers”were crazy, but when I read the theory behind it on Zen habits, it’s genius. Provided you stay extremely involved. It fosters the child’s interests, and gives them permission to pursue and learn about the things they love. I wish I had the guts!! Maybe one day :).

    Friend, you have crazy talent, and were no doubt meant to make a living in a creative field.

    And as for the move, boy do I get it. Honestly, I’ve found my blog to be a constant for me. So I’ve found it comforting in a strange kind of way.

    Loved this post Anne!

  4. Thanks for the video! It’s truly a puzzler for me. I know what I love to do and I’m getting so much closer to doing it more often! I feel very lucky.

  5. beki

    Ah, I’ve been asking myself this question a lot lately. The new addition to our family has turned my life upside down. I keep waiting for things to ease up, but my baby just turned a year old and things are STILL crazy. Thanks for the video, I think we all need to be reminded of that message 🙂

  6. Shannon

    I didn’t find you until recently when I bought a class from you on Craftsy, but your blog is inspiring. Don’t worry so much though we all have seasons that we can’t find the energy or time in the day for all the things we want to do. It does get easier at some point and the season will change and you’ll be getting most of it done.

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