The Katy Cowl – An Easy Chunky Knit Pattern

I’m in love with chunky cowls. I hear people say they can’t pull it off, but they can.  A beautiful chunky knit looks great on everyone!  I wrote up this little pattern for the Katy Cowl for my brand new knitters at the CED Art Retreat in Lake Tahoe.  You should have seen the brilliant progress my brand new knitters made–I was so proud of them. This cowl is a perfect beginning knitter’s project. Or, it is perfect for the experienced knitter to click away mindlessly in the car, at practice, on the airplane, in front of the tv, etc.  I have already made up three of them as easy, but stylish gifts for friends and family.   You can find the pattern here on ravelry or here on a google reader to download right away.
I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick in Fisherman on the cream cowl and Tahki Stacy Charles Montana, 100% pure new wool, on the gray cowl.  The Tahki yarn has been discontinued but here’s charcoal in the Lion Brand I like to use the Lion Brand because if you get the yarn on sale, this cowl costs less than $20 to make.  If you want a more luxury wool, try Cascade Magnum in charcoal. The Cascade is bulkier so don’t forget to check gauge! I added a couple of pink stripes to the gray cowl–fun!  This would be perfect for a college kiddo to sport their colors.
Frankly, I’m just in love with how super bulky knit yarn looks so yummy just sitting there. It’s starting to get colder here, so I’ve been throwing these cowls on in the wee hours when I’m walking Lucy.  The cowl has a moebius twist in it which makes it fit nicely when your wrapping it twice.

Here it is on my lovely sister, Katy, hence the name.  Do try to whip one of these up for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did!

For other easy chunky knit patterns, go check out this gallery:

May your winter be surrounded by lovely winter whites and chunky wool.
xo  anne

  1. Palak

    It looks so yummy! Love chunky knits!

  2. Oh, lovely! I agree – I love chunky knits. How can you not love the immediate gratification, and the chunky yarns and needles just feel lovely in my hands.

  3. I’ve never seen these before. What a great idea especially 4 a newbie knitter like myself. Glad I found U! Great post : )

  4. anne

    Thanks! so glad you like them. Definitely a great easy pattern for the new knitter.

  5. Made one of these cowls this weekend – what a fun and fast project! I love it! Plan on making a few more for gifts for Christmas! Thanks for posting this great pattern

    • anne

      Yay! Glad it worked out well. Perfect gifts!

    • anne

      I hope you do. Its such a fun quick project!

  6. Josie

    I made one last week as my first ever knitting project and a Christmas gift for a friend… thank you for the pattern / inspiration and a super blog : )

  7. anne

    Yay Josie! That’s awesome. Congratulations and thanks for your comment.

  8. Melissa

    Just wondering before I start (new knitter here), does this wrap around your neck twice or is it just one small circle?

    • anne

      Hi Melissa,
      This does wrap around your neck twice. Have fun!!

  9. I don’t see the pattern here. Where do I find it? Love this simple cowl to make during my frequent airplane trips!

  10. Summer

    I was wondering why this pattern only calls for 22 cast on stitches and not more?
    I have seen other infinity scarfs that have 90 cast on stitches.

    • HI Summer, This cowl is knit length wise and seamed. You’re only casting on the width of the cowl and knitting the length. Most of those other patterns are knitting the entire loop at once. Those patterns cast on the length of the cowl and then knit the width. Does this make sense to you? In other words, my pattern you cast on 22 and knit for 50″. Those patterns probably cast on 90 stitches and knit for 12″. Either way, give it a whirl!

  11. Kaye

    How far in do you recommend putting the strips and how many rows are the strips?

    • Hi Kaye!
      I inserted the stripes about 10 inches in. I did 6 rows per stripe and 6 rows in between. Thanks so much for asking!!

      • I think that was a wonderful question, as I follow all these patterns, and knit for our homeless here in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Women shelters with children, I am 51 yr married and 71 yrs old, and so do enjoy, just have finished over 150 knitted dish clothes to go overseas for a project our order took on. just Myself, others have done things, but I have been 9 weeks with shingles on my full right side of the face, for the 4th time, and can do this without glasses.
        thank you for all the wonderful things put out there for us to read, and try.
        sincerely Beverley

        • Hi Beverly, Thanks you so much for your message. I’m glad you have found projects that you can do on my blog. You are doing wonderful work. Keep on! xo anne

  12. Love this! I just took a class last weekend and have been looking for a fun and non-intimidating project. Can’t wait to get started on this over the weekend 😀

  13. D J Nuhn

    I am just starting to knit & I love this cowl. If I can make a half-way decent one, then maybe I will make some for Christmas presents. But I am having a hard time finding the Katy Cowl pattern. I “joined” Ravelry but I found it very confusing and overwhelming. And Google Reader doesn’t exist anymore.
    Even just to get the yarn used, the size needles, and the finished dimensions, would help!

  14. monika

    Do you have a crochet pattern for this by chance?

    • ohh sorry Monika, I don’t. Give the knitting a whirl!

  15. Angela

    Hi, thanks for the pattern! I have a question. This is my first knitting project and because of that, my first four inches of the cowl have turned out a little sloppy. However, I’m already on the second skein so I don’t want to start all over. Is there any way to remove/unravel just the beginning few inches of the project? Thanks!

    • Hi Angela, Unless you’ve cast on with a special cast on, it’s pretty difficult to “undo” the beginning of knitting. I’m sorry to tell you. I would plan on putting the sloppy part at the back of your neck and no one will notice! It will be tucked under the other loop. Just take your newly gained skills to your next project!!

  16. Heather

    Thank you for this pattern! I’ve never seen blocking required for a scarf before…is it totally necessary or can I get away without it. I’ve never done it before but will figure it out if you think it’s absolutely necessary. Thanks!

    • Hi Heather – you don’t really need to block it . . . I just do that as a technical nod. Generally you should to get the fibers to “bloom” and the stitches to even out. But, I it looks good to you, throw it on and wear it!
      xo anne

  17. jen

    i just tried this pattern – definitely a great beginner project! it turned out so cute 😀 !!

    • Yay, Jen! I’m so excited for you!!

  18. Jenn

    hey I’m in love with these scarves but I’ve never knit before how do I find out how to do this pattern, I think I’m going to make it my first project

    • I’m so glad Jenn. Were you able to download the pattern?

  19. Joanne

    Hi Just made your Mobius scarf with the hometown USA yarn 13 needles, but I,m having trouble with twisting, Won’t come out right. Help

    • Hi Joanne,
      When you twist it once to seam it. You will end up with a twist in the loop of your cowl. This makes it awkward to fold etc, but makes it sit nicer with less bunchiness when you twist it around your neck. Let me know if this answers your question.

  20. Nancy Klimuk

    Hi there,

    I have knitted since I was a child. This will be my first time attempted in over 30 years. How easy will t his be to do for a “beginner”?

    • This is a perfect project! It is straight knitting (no purling) the whole way. The best of all starter projects! Have fun!

  21. Sacha

    Support cute and simple pattern!

    Now when you say to turn it once before sewing up, do you mean a full turn off half turn? Will the bottom be on top of will the bottom be turned so it is back on bottom?


    • Hi Sacha, It’s a half turn, so that the bottom or wrong side is facing up. Thanks, Anne

  22. Christine

    is the Katy cowl and the (grey) Cosy Cowl the same pattern. I want to make the Cozy Cowl but can only seem to find pattern for Katy Cowl

    • It is the same pattern. I should have done a separate one with the stripes, but never got around to it. Here are the basics just about 8″ up, knit 6 rows of the alternate color, 6 rows of the base color and then 6 rows of the alternate color again. Then, go back to knitting the base color for the rest of the pattern. Does this help?

      • Christine

        thanks yes – time to get knitting!

  23. Anita

    This is beautiful simple cow love it . I made many cowls but thin yarn not bulky. now i will make this,
    thanks for sharing

  24. Ann

    This is just what I was looking for! As a newbie, I’m wondering how to seam it. Tips? Thanks!

    • Hi Ann,
      I would suggest using a mattress stitch to seam it. You do this by stitching with the right sides up and going from side to side collecting the edge stitches and pulling it together. I don’t have a tutorial for traditional knitting mattress stitch on the blog, but you can search and find tutorials for how. Good luck!!

      • Ann

        Anne, thanks for pointing me in the right direction! I just finished the cowl and seamed it and it looks awesome! Great pattern, great coaching

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  26. Lois

    This was my first cowl and to my suprise it came out beautifully. I am going to make a few more to start my gifts for the coming year. I know I am a bit early but I always have gifts tucked away just in case?? lol Thanks so much.

    • Absolutely! I’m so glad you liked the pattern and you were happy with how it came out. Thanks for taking the time to come leave me a comment! I really appreciate that more than you know!

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  28. Tommie

    I can’t find the pattern for this scarf. Where do I find the pattern?
    Thank You.

  29. Marilyn

    Sadly, I am very allergic to wool. Can you recommend a yarn to use for the same look but in a non-wool yarn?

    • HI Marilyn, I’m so sorry to hear this. That must be hard. You can use Loopy Mango Big Cotton. Or, try acrylic versions of a similar size wool. Lion Brand also makes a 100% acrylic version in this same size yarn.

  30. Helga Spizman

    Great! I clicked on “Click Here for Knitting Pattern” and got 13 pages of comments and NO KNITTING PATTERN. You missed a good bet with that.

    • Hi Helga,
      I’m sorry the pattern gave you trouble. The link is in the second sentence of the post. You seem to have clicked on comments. Please find the pattern here:

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