Animal Totem Jewelry – An Action Pack Feature

Well we’re here in Baltimore in our new, OLD house and it’s all overwhelming.  I keep wanting to post about house challenges, but its all so ugly and overwhelming, I don’t even know where to start. To distract me, I was thrilled to hear that the latest Action Pack, Go Tribal, from Whip Up is out, and one of my projects is in it!  This is a Totem Necklace with animal prints. I have to say, I adore this project – it is great jewelry for boys or girls and I think its downright cool!
There is a fabulous printable in the magazine with all sorts of animal prints and their meanings. Let your child relate to one of the animals as family oriented, adventurous, or even the trickster, then let him or her trace and embroider the totem to a cool piece of jewelry.  Full directions are in the magazine along with an amazing collection of projects, including corn husk dolls, cat tail boats, aztec printing, tamales and even sling shots–so much fun for boys and girls!

My boys loved doing this project – I hope yours will too.  Seeing this project finished and published has me anxious to get back making again after this crazy move. I look forward to diving in to my new studio (okay, pile of boxes in my studio) some time soon.  Soon, as in, just as soon as I get a working bathroom!  Did I tell you my new studio has a gorgeous fireplace? Definitely trying to focus on the positives. . .
xo anne

  1. Daniel

    i really like the hand made jewelry items because of several reasons that they are cheaper , we can make our own design, material easily available.
    Lovelinks silver

  2. Camille

    Love it! I can’t wait to see you!!! xoxox

  3. i love this idea! what a great way to make something creative and personal for a loved one.

    • anne

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  4. Your blog is so beautifully put together I had to write to applaud you. I had my two sons in my mid thirties and decided to leave a career to bring them up, and live frugally on my husbands salary, a very modest one! I have lived a handmade life, and now my family are growing up and leaving home, I have found a new lease of life in my handcrafted book making and illustrating. Taht all came from having written a blog for a couple of years, and having a forum to put things down. Mine is far more messy than yours, but just as happy making to me!!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Making is happy in whatever form it takes! I’m so glad you have found making that you love.

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