Hooray for Nantucket

The movers arrived in Boulder on Wednesday and all our stuff was packed up and moved out to head to Baltimore by 8pm Thursday night. I won’t even get into the tears and emotions we all had wandering around our vacant house on Friday. It’s too raw and sad for us.

We put our Boulder house on the market on August 5th or so and have barely had 2 showings. Broker says bad time, vacations, back to school, etc. etc, but, I kept feeling like – Ugh! we should have skipped our Nantucket vacation the last two weeks of June/July 4 and gotten the house on the market at the beginning of July. Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda.  I was feeling pretty down about it until I looked through my photos from that vacation – nope, we needed every sweet, poignant, fulfilling moment we had there.

Nantucket is stunningly beautiful and you can’t help but relax in its beautiful vistas and vignettes.

I was soothed by everything around me.
We had critical fun time with Daddy – who promptly left us for his new job in Baltimore the next week.  Until yesterday, we hadn’t seen him for six weeks!  
We had essential silly time and lots of goofing off.

We ran around on the beach, went on long walks, played baseball and ate lots of ice cream.

We all got lots of Grandma love . . . 

 which is especially important for me!

 Every girl needs special time with her Mama!

Because of the move, we had to cancel absolutely everything else about the summer–other trips, sleep-over camps, parties, camping plans with friends. I am so glad we didn’t take a single moment from Nantucket away from them, or from me. We all needed it. We needed time to adapt to the idea of a new life and time to let it all go! I adored seeing all the smiles and happy faces.

Now, it’s on to new adventures. We arrived in Baltimore yesterday. We close on our new house on Tuesday. Kids start school Wednesday. Our stuff arrives Thursday. All lined up like a perfect set of dominos.  Help me hope for them all to fall in a nice, neat little row . . .

  1. Monica

    Anne, all the best! Such a move is always tough, but discovering a new city, starting a new life there is a great experience. I am sure you will love it. And the photos of Nantucket are incredible.

  2. …no worries, it will happen!!!!
    best wishes, xxx Alessandra

  3. I’ve been thinking about you! You were so smart to take that trip, I’m so glad you did. Your photos are amazing! Best wishes for a smooth transition with school and settling in!

  4. We all need our holiday and then we are refreshed to cope with what ever is thrown at you on your new journeyx Reckon you did the best thing taking that holiday. good luck with your new venture. The images are great.

  5. Anonymous

    God Bless you for being able to rid yourself and your family of the coulda woulda shoulda’s It will serve you well in the upcoming wees.

  6. Beautiful photos and a beautiful family! I’ve been to Cape Cod but not to Nantucket or the other islands. Would love to go!

    Best of luck with selling your house and settling into your ‘new’ life in Maryland. 🙂

  7. Pat C.

    Oh, yes!!! You most certainly needed your glorious vacation on Nantucket!! The memories of those two weeks will last you all a lifetime; I guarantee you that five years from now (if that), you won’t remember that extra month that the Boulder house was not on the market. (I’ll say a prayer that a buyer comes along soon.)

    I can’t wait for you to settle down into fixing up, decorating, making the Baltimore house all your own!

    The best of luck to your children as they head off to a new school, new friends, new adventures!



  8. awww sweet photos! I adore the lovely little lighthouse 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    You all look so incredibly happy in every picture. It looks really wonderful. And I’ve pinned the picture of the adirondack chairs through the gate… something pretty to look at.

    Best of luck with everything. Change keeps you alive!

  10. flora

    gorgeous photos!

  11. Hello, I love what I’ve seen fotos.Por, it has not been your transfer has been a super move, has changed the school kids and all. I would not be able. Aside from the move, it has to be a mess. I congratulate you. And I send good vibes from Alicante (Spain) so that everything is going right. You’re very lucky to have the family that you and your husband is lucky to have you, you do not think of things to make them 2 times. Kisses and hugs. P.S. follows up those photos so wonderful, I love them.

  12. These pictures warm my heart- I hope you enjoyed every minute.

    ps- your family is ridiculously stunning

  13. Anne, welcome to the area. I’m sure it was difficult leaving your home. I know you will be happy here and soon your new home will feel warm and cozy. I love the photos from Nantucket. How gorgeous everything and everyone looks! When things settle down, email me and we’ll get together for a cup of coffee. xo Stacie

  14. Camille

    Oh Anne, my heart is so full. I love these pictures of your beautiful family. Can’t wait to see you! xoxox

  15. Congrats on the move to Baltimore. I have recently relocated my family from Harrisburg, PA to Tampa, FL. Its been the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. We had the same kind of experience. We packed up and moved the 1100 miles by car. My daughter has had the hardest experience adjusting with starting Kindergarten and not being able to see her grandparents on a weekly basis. I hope your children have adjusted well to the move. I like your blog.

  16. Hope you are doing well and moving is a breeze. Thinking about you and missing updates.

  17. Thanks for the share! Looks like you guys had a absolute bast! Every year my family and I get one of those lovely Nantucket Rental homes for a week or so over by Jetty Park. Have you ever been there?

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