Exploring Open-Ended Creativity

Pop on over to Whip Up today. I’m guest blogging about exploring open-ended creativity as part of Kathreen’s Creative Process guest series.  I’m so excited to be a part of it.  This embroidery hoop holds a recent project I did completely free-form.

In the post, I write about how challenging it can be to create with a blank slate.  I tend to avoid it, do you? Most of the creating I do is narrow and defined, and comes super easily to me. It is the result of solving a particular problem. Starting with nothing–a blank canvas, empty fabric, a clean piece of paper–is more about being an artist. It is something I’ve been driven to do more of, though it scares me. Head on over to Whip Up and check it out. Let me know what you think. What are your experiences?

I think its good for all of us to face that challenge. Dive in!  
  1. That was a great post. I started an art journal recently for a similar reason. It’s a place to doodle and draw and write and make pretty, and maybe not so pretty, things using different methods and tools than I usually use.

  2. Geeker

    wow! So beautiful!
    I ever thought only Chinese like embroidery, and now i think i’m wrong.
    I love embroidery and other handcrafts very much, but i never make one by now, i will get start to make something 🙂

  3. VERY COOL! And inspiring….

  4. Pat C.

    It’s beautiful, Anne! I love the colors and the flowing nature of the elements.

    I tend to freeze up when faced with a blank slate. A few years ago I bought two handmade coptic-stitched journals, intending to fill them up with random musings, poetry, notes, clippings, doodles, etc., and they are both completely empty. Because I can’t tear out the pages, I’m afraid to “ruin” the books by making “mistakes”. Mistakes?? In journals for my eyes only?? And even if others saw them, your post helped me realize that mistakes are ok! You’ve inspired me to throw caution to the wind (hehe) and start filling those pages up.:)

    • anne

      They sound beautiful. yes, don’t worry about the mistakes. Just do it! so glad to hear you’re going to dive in!

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