Create Explore Discover Art Retreat 2012 – I’m Teaching!

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be teaching at a marvelous retreat in Lake Tahoe this fall! Create Explore Discover is a retreat for 40 lucky women looking to uncover or rediscover their creative spark.  The locale is simply gorgeous. Come  and enjoy a relaxing weekend of making. 
I am in amazing company with retreat instructors such as Lisa Congdon, Mati McDonogh, Jen Lee and Liz Kalloch and one of my favorite folks, Alessandra Cave.  Such wonderful, inspiring and talented women to learn from. I adore this painting of Lisa’s. You can go paint with her!

Or, join me! In my workshop, we will enjoy a wonderful knitty weekend!  We will make either the mobius cowl above or this simpler version below, you choose!  The version below is perfect for very beginning knitters. You’ll have a brand new cozy cowl, just in time for cold weather.  Plus, we’ll review more than four great knitting techniques including a provisional cast on, a three-needle bind-off, invisible seaming, and some lace techniques over the three days. 
A retreat like this is such a fabulous way to treat yourself and connect with like-minded women in a meaningful way.  Sarah Stevenson, the founder of Create Explore Discover, is warm, encouraging and just so lovely.
The below photo is by Alessandra Cave. I took a course from her at the Makerie two springs ago. She is the one who took me from automatic to manual and made me fall in love with product photography. To top off her talent, she just couldn’t be nicer.  You can come take photos with Alex!

Regardless of whose classes you take, I would love for you to join me that weekend.  How much fun it would be to meet some of you.  Do come!
xo anne

  1. so excited to have you teach with us Anne…Cannot wait to share Lake Tahoe with you and your students.

  2. Congratulations!!! It’s a pity I live so far…. :-(((
    xxx Alessandra

  3. Kmomaz

    I have just come across your blog via “happen-stance”,however, I truely believe that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON! I am a single mother of a 17yr. old, rebelious, looking for his way in this crazy world, son. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of last year. I finally told my son about it in August. Austin hasn’t been the same since. My heart bleeds for him! Unfortunately cancer isn’t the only issue we have had to deal with! I was diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) and Fibromyagia, way back when they were considered conditions in “your head”.I had a tonsilectomy back in 1991 and woke up from surgery unable to move my head or use my right arm for 5, yes FIVE, years. These were highly controversial diagnosis, but thankfully now, are a part of the medical mainstream. Unfortunately I had to undergo 20 years of doctors constantly looking at me sideways and doubting every word I said. So, after living with these chronic conditions for 12 years, I was diagnosed with Multiiple Sclerosis in 2003. So needless to say, my son has had to deal with a mother overcome by disease and pain. Now, in 2012, I have finally realized that I dont want to leave my son and this world, remembering me as a woman overcome by disease and PAIN! I need to find my way out of this hell and become the mom Austin deserves and the woman I knew was ALWAYS in there! I am EXTREMELY creative and artistic, and I know through these mediums is how I will discover myself. Can you help? I DESPERATELY want to come to your retreat! I live in Arizona and all my money goes towards taking care of my son and paying for my medecines that insurance doesn’t cover. I am praying to find a way to make it to Lake Tahoe this Fall!

    • anne

      Thank you so much for sharing all this. I understand how difficult it can be to suffer from chronic pain. About five years ago, I myself had a completely debilitating reaction to a drug which took a year to discover. Doctors also looked at me sideways. They weren’t sure if it was MS or fibromyalgia or something else. I had severe back and neck pain, numbness in my face and legs and literally could barely climb out of bed some days. This was when Allie was one, my boys were 2 and 3. I felt like I lost a year of my life. It was incredibly difficult. Yet strangely, some of my most intense memories of my kids were during this year. This is only a small portion of what your experiencing so I cannot tell you how much my heart feels for you. Everything you have to deal with sounds intense. I hope you have a good support network where you are. Know that Austin loves you and that you can give him special times even through pain. If you express your feelings to him as you have so eloquently above, I hope he will understand. You are right that focusing on exploring your creativity is an amazing way to stay in the present moment and take attention off of pain and disease. If creativity is something you love, certainly pursue it with all that you have. I am not the owner of the retreat, I am just teaching, but you can find out more about it here: I really hope you can make it to Lake Tahoe. I would love to meet you. Thanks again for sharing! xo anne

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