Kiwi Crate Winner and Kicking Off Summer . . .

Congratulations to Nikki T.  You’ve won the kiwi crateColors.  I’m so excited for you. It looks absolutely fabulous.  You didn’t leave your email, so please contact me at flaxandtwine (at) gmail (dot) com to collect your winnings :).   Others, don’t forget to order yours as kiwi crates will make a great addition to your summer.

Speaking of summer, we had a great time over Memorial Day Weekend. I put my foot down and refused to go out of town.  Sometimes it’s nice just to loll around home.  I don’t loll very often, so I was keen to do it.  Frolic was more like it.  
We went to the Boulder Creek Festival which is a fun local carnival that comes every Memorial Day weekend. We watched a great hiphop dance show that made everyone want to bust some moves. We rode carousels, threw darts at balloons, did back flips aided by bungees, screamed down the roller coaster and three-story slide and gorged on cheese steaks and porkchops on a stick.  I even let the kids get cotton candy.

I bought myself some peonies – which I adore.  The season for them is just too darn short.
And, you may gasp–I let my kids skip cleaning their rooms this weakend (ha ha I guess I was weak). More lolling.

We had folks over for a bbq and s’mores! on Monday afternoon and all in all had a great time hanging out.  This is the kiddos last week in school.  We are preparing for the summer crazies, which includes lots of camps and trips.  Fun, but chaotic.  I hope you all are kicking off your summer in style.

xo anne

  1. Wow, I can’t believe I won. I just sent you an e-mail. Just in case it goes to spam it starts with shorty. Thank so much.

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