New Series: Sew, You’ve Always Wanted To Quilt . . .

I’ve always admired quilts.  They can be absolutely stunning– the colors, the prints, the actual quilting stitches themselves.  The richness of quilts, their many layers, always engage and enthrall me.  The beauties above are from Kathreen Ricketson’s ( gorgeous book Little Bits Quilting Bee
In my own personal crafting however, I’ve always believed, or feared, rather, that quilts are too complex, too involved (as if knitting a sweater doesn’t take a long time!).  When I see quilting patterns, I can’t help but freeze up at the thought of so many fabric decisions.  I love color and pattern combinations and can feel confident with mixing two or three fabrics together, but when you talk about picking out 24! or more to go together, I get kinda panicky.  My perfectionist jumps in and I am stalled in an oblivion of decision making.  Not to mention, quilts just seem so big.  

To make matters worse, since starting the blog, the thought of completing a quilt seems farther away than ever before. Making a quilt just seems too time-intensive. This bothers me. The strong desire to explore quilting further keeps gnawing away at me. I certainly don’t want to ignore quilting here on my blog!  I love the art just too much. Not to mention, I originally started this blog so I could carve out time in my life to create and make the things I’ve always wanted to make.

Though I have plenty of other series underway, I decided to pull together a new series that will include thoughts on quilting, as well as simple and easy diy projects for those wanna be quilters inside of us to get our toes wet.   It’s called: Sew, You’ve Always Wanted To Quilt. . .
This quilting series is another kind of first, too, as I am inviting guest bloggers on flax & twine for the first time.  I have an excellent collection of beautiful quilters to share their talents with you.  So, keep your eyes peeled for the button on the right.  I will be adding posts as we go, so bear with me as the series fills out.  I hope you are as excited as I am to see what’s coming our way!The images above are from Lizzy House‘s studio, which I recently had the privilege of visiting.  She is an amazingly talented fabric and quilt designer as you can see. Much, much quilt and fabric envy to be had there. If you’re interested in the quilt on the wall and in the button above, you can buy the gorgeous pattern for The Colorist here.  For the one on the chair, you’ll just have to wait as the pattern is under construction as I write! 

Talk to you soon!
xo Anne

  1. Camille

    This is so exciting! I am ready to be inspired!!! <3

  2. pasmit

    I love quilting. I used to work in my Mother’s quilting shop. The joy is not only in the finished product, it is also in the colour/fabric selection, pattern selection, cutting out, sewing, pinning…..etc. While it can be a lengthy process compared to some crafts each step can be fun especially when you are doing it with others.
    Hint 1 starting on an easy pattern and smaller ‘lap’ sized quilt allows the crafter to gain a great understanding of the process.
    Hint 2 having the right equipment makes things easier.
    Hint 3 Once you understand the piecing aspects you can start creating your own designs!
    “One should enjoy every aspect of their hobby to exercise their creative desires.”

    • anne

      Pasmit – thank you so much for your helpful hints. Those are great suggestions. I’m really looking forward to exploring quilting further.

  3. Caitlin

    Yay! I’m excited to follow this series – I’ve been wanting to have a go at making a patchwork quilt for a while now! I recently made a quilted cover for my ipad which I think was quite a good starting point – I essentially just made a tiny quilt (with a pretty patterned fabric on the outside and a plain lemon fabric on the inside), then sewed it in half like an envelope and added a button closure.

    • anne

      Caitlin, It sounds like you are already on your way! Sounds beautiful.

  4. Yippie!!!!! ready to start!!!!
    Thank you for your clever initiative, xx Alessandra

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