A Chunky Moebius Cowl – an easy chunky knit free pattern

So excited to share this free cowl pattern with you all.  Here it is on Ravelry, if you prefer. Let me tell you–it is cozy!  It’s made with super-bulky wool so it knits up in a flash! The fabric is a alternate rib pattern, which, I think, provides a rich texture.
I made it with three skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick on size 15 needles.  I’m going to start to sound like I’m promoting them, which I’m not.  Well, I am, but not officially.  I wish they had given me all this yarn for free :).   Anyway, if you wait for the right coupon or sale at Joann’s, you can load up on it.  It is really versatile and comes in all sorts of colors.  This is part of my 6 Easy Chunky Knit series, which will have more free patterns coming up in the next few months.  Click on the photo below to visit the gallery of projects.

I’ve been knitting this cowl at my knitting classes at Common Threads.  I think they have really enjoyed knitting this up for themselves, friends and family. Again, you can download the pattern on Ravelry or from my google file viewer, which comes up as a low-res version, but prints full-res.  I think this makes a fabulous gift and its not too late in the season to whip it up for someone, or yourself, who has a right to be ultra cozy!

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My hubby is out of town this weekend so I’m running solo with the kids.  Wish me much patience and happy laughter.  Joyful knitting folks!

  1. Lorrie

    I’m not a fan of orange, but I love the colour on you – it really makes your beautiful eyes pop!

  2. I agree–love the cowl and the color on you! And I voted. :}

  3. That’s the kind of cowl I can get behind. It’s gorgeous! And on you, especially so.

  4. Kristen

    OK… so a year later you get another comment! I recently learned to knit and wanted to make a cowl/scarf as my first official project! I found your site w/ my google search. Just wanted to let you know that I knitted this cowl and I love it! It snowed in Indy overnight, so I get to wear it at least once before spring arrives! I loved the color as well, so mine is the same! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to perusing your blog!!!

    • anne

      I’m so glad you made it and that you love it! congratulations!! Here’s to many more!

  5. I’m trying this in a verigated wool but I think the texture gets lost in it. I’m going to make a second one in a solid

    • anne

      That happens sometimes – you lose the pattern in the color variation of the yarn. I think solid is best so that it highlights the stitch! good luck!

  6. Anonymous

    Love chunky knits, can’t wait to try this cowl in a solid color!!! 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    I love your cowl. But how do I get the pattern? I’ve tried everything but I can’t copy it or sve it on my thumbdrive or any other way. Sigh. PS It looks like a great charity cowl…

  8. kcg1103

    Thanks- I made this for a Christmas present. I used Lions Brand self striping. Made pretty stripes in her school colors. Heading off to college next year and this will be perfect to wear to the football games. Thanks!

    • anne

      This sounds great! I bet she will love it and use it all the time!

  9. Carolyn

    I am a new knitter and do not understand what 3X 6oz/170g ball (106 yds/ 97m) means? Do you want 3 balls of yarn to knit together? Or what?

    • Hi Carolyn,Thanks so much for asking! That just means that you’ll need three 100 yard balls of yarn to make the project. I’m so excited for you! Have fun!!

  10. Kathleen Boldrick

    I just knitted this in Peruvia Quick (hate that it is no longer available) and could easily enough do an invisible seam on the ends if there was not that half twist., which I want. How did you seam the right knit side with the purly wrong side with any degree of discretion? Or do I just seam it as it and hide the seam with the twist?
    Thank you.
    Kathleen Boldrick

  11. Kathleen B

    Inasmuch as my comment proved to be immoderate (reckon I should not have mentioned Peruvia Quick and you were serious about courting Lion Brand) I will inform you that I decided to quit agonizing over the aforementioned seaming dilemma and just worked a plain straight seam. It doesn’t look too bad and I’ll hide it within the twist.
    Thank you.
    Kathleen Boldrick

    • Kathleen! I’m so sorry I wasn’t around this weekend to catch your comments in earnest! Peruvia Quick looks like an absolutely beautiful yarn to use for this project. I’m glad that you figured out how you wanted to seam the cowl! Warmly, Anne

  12. Margie

    Hi! I am working on this scarf right now. Love it so far. Did you block it?

    • Hi Margie, I did. I’m not a stickler about that sort of thing. If you like how it looks, throw it on!

  13. Luisa Guysayko

    I cannot understand your instructions on you got the short piece and twisted etc etc.

    • Hi Luisa, I’m so sorry that this isn’t clear! How can I help? Lay it out flat in a long rectangle. Bring the short ends together. If you seamed the cowl like this, it would form a regular loop. To make it a moebius cowl, take one of the short ends and twist a half a turn. This will put a twist in your loop. Seam these two ends closed. You will be attaching a backside of the knitting to the front side of the knitting. This twist will make it turn more easily and with less bulk when you loop it around your neck. Does this make sense?

      • Kathryn

        So does the seam stay on the outside?

        • It crosses from the outside to the inside because of the twist. Does that make sense. but it will be hidden when you twist it around your neck.

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  15. Nancy Harrell


    I am a new knitter and don’t understand the pattern. After knitting the first row and knitting and purling the second row, do you alternate between row 1 and row 1 directions ? Thanks!

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thanks so much for writing. Yes! you just continue alternate between row 1 and row 2. Let me know if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help. Warmly, Anne

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