Day 5: A Flower Ring – a diy girls’ ring tutorial

Okay – I know I said the button hair bands were easy, but this one is even easier.  I mean really easy.  I love it though.  This one is all about the button you use. Cute ones can be found so many places these days.  I sometimes take buttons from Allie’s old clothes – always keeping my eyes out for treasures.  She has these beautiful crystal ones on a yellow sweater that she is just getting too big for.  The sweater is so well-loved (read stained everywhere) that I won’t even feel bad pilfering the buttons.  This ring uses part of a hair elastic for the ring part–simple.  The elastic makes it easy to fit, too.

Cute button (I think these stars would be great.  I also got the flower at Joann’s)
Thread or embroidery floss
Elastic headband

Time: 5-10 minutes

Cut a piece of the elastic headband to fit your child’s finger.  Use an existing ring or ye olde yarn around the finger trick to get a measurement.  My daughters’ elastic piece was 2 1/4″.  Make sure its big enough to not cut off circulation (i.e. it shouldn’t need to be stretched a lot to be put on).

Sew the piece of headband elastic into a ring with needle and thread.

Do a number of stitches to make sure it is secure – make sure you are stitching through the elastic part.

Tie it off underneath.

Sew on that pretty little button.

Tie it off underneath.

Finis! And, yes, I made myself a matching little number below.  Its okay you can tell me, I dress like a girl.

Tomorrow comes that awesome little pearl cuff pictured in my first post, so don’t miss it!

  1. We always have to travel an hour to the nearest craft store that carries ring flats so i LOVE this because now I can make the ring part myself! no more traveling to make a ring! ha 🙂

    • anne


    • anne

      Thanks Jenny!

  2. so cute and i love it…
    much inspiring, because i love to make rings in school ^^

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